True Edge Knives San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE July 1]

True Edge Knives does more than their name would suggest, much, much more. They create some of the finest licensed jewelry and enamel pins in all of fandom (including last years epic Batman pins.) This year, they want to sharpen you flair game yet again with San Diego Comic-Con exclusive pins from Marvel, DC and more. You can find all their items at booth #5606 during the show.

[UPDATE July 1]

True Knives’ final San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a signed and numbered limited edition print from Alex Ross featuring Dr. Doom from Secret Wars #5. The print is available for the first time numbered and signed by Alex Ross, and limited to 100 pieces. You can stop by Booth #5606 to own a piece of Marvel history for $100.

[UPDATE – May 31]

DC “Tango with Evil” Pin of Joker and Harley Quinn – $9.99
Limited to 1000
Featuring the iconic Alex Ross artwork from 1999. 

Killer Clowns From Outer Space 3 Enamel Pin Set with Slim, Spikey & Shorty – $19.99
Limited to 1000 pieces

Marvel “Wolverine” Pin from Deadpool & Wolverine – $9.99
Limited to 1000 pieces


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