Gravity Falls Creator Alex Hirsch Book Signing

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch will be in town on Tuesday, July 23 for a book signing at 6pm PT at the Barnes & Noble Mira Mesa Market Center. It’s a bit of a trek from the convention center, but you’ll be treated to Hirsch presenting a discussion and signing of his The Book of Bill.

The book resuscitates the infamous villain, Bill Cipher, and invites fans to a Bill’s eye view of the Gravity Falls universe.

Tickets will be available for $29.08 beginning June 17, and each ticket includes a signed copy of the book. Selfie photos will be allowed as books are signed, but no posed photos. There will be no personalization or additional books that can be signed.

There will be both seated tickets and standing room only tickets available.

You can find more information on the event page.


Jul 23 2024


6:00 PM



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Mira Mesa Barnes & Noble
10775 Westview Parkway San Diego, CA 92126
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