Misfits Coming to Comic-Con!

Since The Hollywood Reporter scooped us on the Firefly 10th Anniversary details (although we broke the story first), we’re going to shoot right back with some more unannounced SDCC news.

We have it on good authority from anonymous sources the popular UK series Misfits will be making its first trip to San Diego Comic-Con with a panel appearance this year. We’ve yet to hear the full details, but we’ll know soon enough when CCI releases the official schedules.

The UK series, about a group of teenagers on community service who discover they have superpowers after a freak storm, has not yet aired in the states but has been available streaming via Hulu since June last year. It will be entering its fourth season in the UK later this year, and a US version is currently planned.

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  • http://www.spoilertv.com/ b3rt4

    Misfits airs on E4, not BBC

  • http://spoilertv.com Sandiwich11

    Misfits isn’t a BBC show O_o

  • http://spoilertv.com Sandiwich11

    And none of the people you have in the photo with this piece are in the show any more, lol.

  • http://twitter.com/misstejota/status/218082755056115712/ (@misstejota) (@misstejota)

    @einfach_mich http://t.co/JCmc6Fa1

  • http://www.racialicious.com aboynamedart

    Good question, actually – will it be the G1 Misfits making the trip?

  • http://twitter.com/anniej13/status/218083159684812802/ @anniej13

    @LawsonWrites !! RT @SD_Comic_Con: SCOOP: Misfits to make an appearance at #SDCC! http://t.co/sHdqTVCE

  • http://twitter.com/namelikethesong/status/218083313192144896/ @namelikethesong

    !!! RT @SD_Comic_Con SCOOP: Misfits to make an appearance at #SDCC! http://t.co/xRSRPtvu

  • http://twitter.com/triciasays/status/218083326009937921/ @triciasays

    @neuroaxon, here’s one for your list: “@SD_Comic_Con: SCOOP: Misfits to make an appearance at #SDCC! http://t.co/CZkTSjhP”

  • http://twitter.com/christellegonza/status/218083448378761216/ @christellegonza

    “@SD_Comic_Con: SCOOP: Misfits to make an appearance at #SDCC! http://t.co/TOht7Wfx” RAWWWWRRR REALLY?

  • http://twitter.com/einfach_mich/status/218084068926033920/ (@einfach_mich) (@einfach_mich)

    MISFITS at Comic Con! *runs around in circles* @misstejota: http://t.co/ykkbNXG2”

  • http://twitter.com/Nerdlinda/status/218098902816129026/ Nelinda Palomino (@Nerdlinda)

    «@SD_Comic_Con SCOOP: Misfits to make an appearance at #SDCC! http://t.co/VVAVZcgf» YAY! But boooo on US version in the works. eww

  • Melissa Howard

    Omg, this makes me so excited! This show is so fantastic and I have been waiting for it to make an appearance in San Diego! :)

  • http://twitter.com/eruditechick/status/218115948538892289/ Amanda (@eruditechick)

    Ooh, lookit this here SDCC rumor! Where my MISFITS fans at? http://t.co/NVFFB5ov

  • http://twitter.com/garmonbozia/status/218126639920463873/ jason (@garmonbozia)

    @blackinkjar http://t.co/mzGkAQ4x !!!

  • http://twitter.com/xfsista/status/218165175134584833/ Julie (@xfsista)

    Surprised this didn’t happen sooner — Misfits Coming to Comic-Con! http://t.co/laGkQP5L

  • http://twitter.com/LacyMB/status/218189403586170880/ (@LacyMB) (@LacyMB)

    #Misfits apparently coming to #SDCC this year? (!!!!) Curious if that means old/new cast or both? http://t.co/C2KBg3Sc (via @SD_Comic_Con)

  • http://twitter.com/cakesniffer2000/status/218265066343108608/ Amy Brunolli (@cakesniffer2000)

    omg omg omg omg even more excited for SDCC if this is true! http://t.co/UCGzZiIc My night has been MADE!!!!!!! OMG!!!

  • http://twitter.com/titimefr/status/218280437578076160/ Thibault Guerpillon (@titimefr)

    Misfits Coming to Comic-Con! http://t.co/UkFXp4G3

  • http://twitter.com/EVERY1TALKS/status/218709105374801921/ Every1Talks (@EVERY1TALKS)

    @christikassity this is where i saw misfits info http://t.co/84mIHhm4

  • Ben

    I don’t see anything misfits on the schedule. Any info? : )

  • Zack Young

    Sad to report it was scheduled to be a Friday panel but scrapped at the last minute.

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