Parking Rates and Locations for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Revealed

With Hotelpocalypse out of the way (and thank goodness), the biggest hurdle that most attendees of San Diego Comic-Con still have to jump through is parking. As we previously reported, Ace Parking, the company which handles the sale, is moving to a lottery based system this year. You have through April 12 to submit your information to Ace to be entered for a chance – and you can find more details about the sale in our original post or on Ace’s FAQ.

What you might not know, though, is what lot you should be hoping for, or what sort of price you’ll be paying — and Ace has now answered those questions. Here’s a look at the prices and available lots, from Ace’s FAQ:

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 11.32.50 AM

Just as we previously reported, the Campus lot, which was home to 520 spots, is now gone due to construction. We’re also down a few other smaller lots, like the Gaslamp City Square (190 spots).

Prices across the board seem to have gone up this year. Where lots like the MTS lot and Padres Parkade were $20-$30 in 2014, they’ve now been raised to $30-$40 per day. There are still plenty of close, cheaper parking options though — namely the convention center, which stayed flat with 2014 to offer $15 a day parking. But the closest lots will be most in demand, and will sell out.

We’ve also created a Google map with markers for all of the Ace Parking locations above, to give you a better idea of where these lots are located:

Attendees who are picked from the lottery will be able to purchase a parking pass for any/all days that they need, at both the lot that they were chosen for, and any lower lots. For those who are not picked, Ace has stated that after lottery winners have had a chance to purchase, remaining inventory will go on sale to the general public.

Will you be trying for parking? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Katelyn Anne

    If you are staying at bayfront do you still need to purchase parking?

  • Bobobo

    If you have a room at Bayfront, you will pay the total parking fees when you leave the hotel on your last day. This parking lottery is for people who go to park and leave each day.

  • San Diego Cinerama

    Eh, don’t forget the “convenience fee” that will be added to each day purchased. Which is not given a price.

  • keeleon

    $40/day for parking is downright criminal. Plus the $5/day “convenience (ya right…) fee” At what point is this extortion illegal?

  • The Great Leon

    Don’t most of the parking places every 12 hrs? so when you put $20 that is more like $40

  • Thomas Geairn

    I have received my email stating my purchase times. Curious to see how things go as I heard a lot of people used multiple emails to try for a better shot meaning there could be a lot of lottery winners not purchasing anything because they won multiple times.

  • DarkDefender

    Does anyone know how they are assigning the lots? I was given a group number and start date for my 5-day sale window, but I have no idea what lots will be available to me. Is there any way to tell ahead of time?

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  • John Mccammon

    $40 FOR THE PADRES PARKING LOT!!! Did the mob take over the parking franchise?

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