Chris Hardwick Confirms No ‘Nerdist Podcast Live’ or Stand-Up Show at SDCC 2017

The Nerdist hosts with John Barrowman at the 2012 live show.

Amid all of the excitement around this week’s announced Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and The Adventure Zone shows at the Balboa Theater, many attendees noticed something: This didn’t leave a lot of room in the schedule for Chris Hardwick’s annual Nerdist Podcast Live taping.

Today, on a Facebook Live video, Hardwick confirmed what many had thought: There won’t be a podcast recording this year, and he won’t be performing his usual stand-up show at the convention either.

“We’re breaking tradition this year,” Hardwick said of the decision to skip his nightly shows this year. “It just started to get to be too much. My days were like 15 hours long, I was moderating 10-13 panels, which was fun, but it’s also stressful because you don’t want to fuck up the panel in front of 7,000 people. In front of folks like Marvel, or Star Wars.”

Hardwick’s schedule is always jam-packed — not only does he moderate more panels than basically anyone else at the convention center, but he also helps run the Conival offsite (though there’s been no word this year on whether that will be returning this year, but Hardwick’s presence isn’t as required there, so it seems likely to return). He’s also currently busy getting ready for his ID10T Music Festival.

Not only was it hard to fit everything in, but Hardwick explained that booking the guests was also usually a last minute scramble.

“Booking the podcast for SDCC, I would get chest pains. When you’re trying to book people, no one really confirms who’s even going to Comic-Con until like two weeks before. So we would announce, like hey, we’re doing a podcast at San Diego Comic-Con! And people’s first question was, “Who’s the guest? I don’t want to buy tickets unless I know who the guest is.” So we just never knew until the last couple of weeks. There were a couple of years where I was like, oh. We’re just not going to have a fucking guest this year. And then it always at the last minute worked out, but it was very stressful,” Hardwick said.

However, he didn’t rule out the possibility of returning in the future, adding that, “maybe we’ll be back next year with Matt and Jonah.” And he also mentioned that he will be at Comic-Con this year, so you can probably at least expect to find Hardwick on the Hall H stage a few dozen times.

With no Nerdist, no Nerd HQ, no Entertainment Weekly Con-X, and no SherlockeDCC happening this year — it’s going to be interesting to see what happens to the offsite scene. But there’s usually something waiting in the wings to take their place.

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Thanks to @SeanCena for the heads up.

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  • Jonathan K

    Whoa now. The only offsite that matters in this entire list is Enchantment Under the SDCC. I don’t even know this so-called NerdHQ you speak of.

  • Jeanne Lucero

    Disappointed to see so many offsites not be there this year and hope we see others take their place. Makes me wonder if we are seeing a shift and what might be next.

  • Jm5150

    im not sure how much more bad sdcc news i can take. it goes downhill more and more each year

  • Ben Sternbach

    “…not only does he moderate more panels than basically anyone else at the convention center.” This site’s tendency to kiss up to people on TV and ignore people who do comics is again evident. Chris Hardwick doesn’t do that many panels at the convention center. Most of his are off-site and part of promotions and commercial ventures unaffiliated with Comic-Con. Mark Waid, Paul Levitz and Mark Evanier all do a lot more panels at the convention center and most of them are not promoting products.

  • Last year he was perpetually in Hall H, just because your reason for going ignores film and tv does not mean he’s not constantly moderating panels at the con.

  • Eric Bennett

    Jm5150, SDCC it doesn’t go downhill more and more, your attitude just sucks. I’ve been going for 13 years straight and it was basically just the convention hall when I started in 2004, and it was incredible. Be happy with that. That’s enough. So what if offsites before aren’t there? There’s a million things to do and you can’t possibly do them all anyway.

  • By my count, Hardwick moderated 10 panels at the convention center last year, Mark Evanier 9, Mark Waid 0, and Paul Levitz 0 (though Levitz was on some additional as a guest, and so was Evanier). I ALMOST put “other than maybe Mark Evanier” in the copy though but decided not to since this is, y’know, an article primarily about Chris Hardwick, so I’ll give you that one.

  • Mark Evanier

    Don’t fight over me, people. I’m not worth it.

    Last year, I moderated 11 panels at the Comic-Con. My name didn’t get into the schedule on all of them but there were two Cartoon Voices panels, “The Business of Cartoon Voices,” the Jack Kirby panel, the Pogo panel, a panel on Captain America, a spotlight on Allen Bellman, Quick Draw!, “That 70’s Panel,” Cover Story and the panel I do each year with Sergio Aragones, plus I presented the Bill Finger Award at the award ceremony. 11 is low for me. I usually do 13-14 and the way this year’s con is shaping up, I may break that record.

    This doesn’t really matter. There’s no prize for the most panels and if Chris Hardwick is doing more, fine. Gary Miereanu may have us both beat but I’m not sure. His name doesn’t always get into the listings either.

    I would like it if the panels on comic books were more publicized because we’ve done some with real historic value that got low turnouts…and then I hear from people complaining there weren’t any panels on the history of comics. Chris Hardwick has professional publicists. Gary Miereanu is a professional publicist. I could use some help in this area because I’m not good at that. I couldn’t even get Donald Trump’s name in the newspaper.

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  • Jeff

    This might be the first thing Chris Hardwick declined to do in the last 10 years.

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  • Lady_Lestrange

    my first year going, I’m from BRAZIL, and every off site I was interested in is cancelling…talk about bad luck

  • Gary Miereanu

    I’d be happy to publicize your panels, Mark!
    Everyone should know when/where to be for all the information and entertainment you pack into a panel. That deserves the attention!