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News on The Green Hornet and Conan at the Con

We have big updates for both Conan and The Green Hornet’s presence at SDCC!

The first bit of news is that the talent behind The Green Hornet were interviewed last night to coincide with the release of the first trailer (see it here). In the interview they stated that they “are definitely going to be at Comic-Con and will be there with a big presence.” On the subject of what will be shown they said that there will be “a piece of the film. As long as the 3D is done to the standard that we want it, we will show the trailer in 3D.” A piece of footage that they are likely to show is a technique that director Michel Gondry has been specially developing for the film called Kato-Vision. Gondry says this is when “he spots out elements or details that he’s going to use to his advantage. So, it’s like a video game, but you go inside his eye. And especially with 3-D, it’s going to be very effective because you’re going to see all of the layers of the eye.” Though the trailer was pretty generic, footage of this could get attendees excitied if they are looking for more then the standard action-comedy.

The other news is that the new Conan movie has finished filming and is expected to have some kind of presence at the convention. The first footage is likely as photos of the star have already been released. The photos (such as the one on the left) have been looking very cheesy so hopefully Lionsgate can impress a crowd that includes many fans of the original stories.

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