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Possible Leak of Marvel Studio’s SDCC Plans

User Chewy on the SuperHeroHype forums claims to have learned all of Marvel’s plans and surprises for this years convention. Supposedly he/she is pretty reliable but this is still totally unconfirmed so I’m going to go over each part of what they said and state the likelihood it will happen. Could all of it come true? Yes. Could it be completely fake? Definitely. Let’s take a look:

“I have it on good authority that Ed Norton is returning and, depending on scheduling, he’ll be appearing alongside Renner et al for the official announcements at SDCC.”
Likelihood: Norton-55% Renner-30%
Since Norton is a Marvel actor and has already expressed interest in being in the Avengers, it would be more of an unexpected-appearance than a complete shock. Renner, on the other hand, hasn’t even been cast yet and studios don’t usually announce new cast members at the con.

“There will be an Avengers thingamajig with Whedon (who may or may not be there via telecast, he’s currently in London with the Cap crew and he may or may not be too busy to fly out), Renner and others depending on their schedules (notably Norton).”
Likelihood: Avengers-60% Whedon-60%
If Whedon is able to fly out and talk a bit to the fans about his plans then an Avengers appearance would be very likely. With Whedon involved elsewhere and Marvel tightly guarding any Avengers information though, this appearance might not happen.

“We’re getting the expected massive Thor panel complete with footage/trailer, poster and images. There will be a Cap panel and the plan is currently to have Johnston, Evans, and Weaving there via telecast as they will still be hard at work in London. We should see a poster and pics.”
Thor-95% Captain-40%
As discussed in our movie post, this sounds exactly like what the Thor panel would be. A Captain America panel is less likely though, as they are still deep in production and there is a massive amount of time before the release.

“Feige also hopes to announce the Dr. Strange director at some point during SDCC.”
Feature-10% Short-50%
With so many other films taking up all of Marvel’s time it seems unlikely they’d announce another major production so unexpectedly. There have been rumor’s of short films introducing smaller Marvel heroes, and announcing the first one is about Dr. Strange is much more likely.

What do you think? True or made up?

(Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the heads up)


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