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The New TV Shows of Comic-Con 2010!

Just as new movies consume Hall H at each year’s con, Ballroom 20 and the smaller rooms around the convention center have become the premiere destination to find the hottest new shows of the season. Though nothing is locked in, many shows have already expressed interest in having a presence at the con and others will very likely be in attendance based on their subject matter. What are they about and are they worth your time? I take a look:

Terra Nova – Though this show has yet to find it stars and likely won’t start shooting until after the con, the very fact it has Steven Spielberg as its driving force is enough to earn it a panel. Revolving around a family that travels to the future, the show is sure to be huge with the TV crowd. Since they won’t have any footage to show, expect discussion, stars, and concept art of the futuristic setting. SDCC is basically a place for Fox to start the buzz on this very secretive show so expect a popular panel in Ballroom 20.
Verdict: Make it a priority.

Hawaii 5-0 – This reboot of the classic series is a high-budget action show that is sure to appeal to fans of explosive action movies. Lost star Daniel Dae Kim and Battlestar Gallactica actress Grace Park star, so expect a large audience reaction is they make an appearance (which is very likely). Though it might not attract the sci-fi crowd, shows like Burn Notice have proven that there are fans of a good fun action series, and CBS looks to have made just that.
Verdict: A must for action fans but easy to skip for the Sci-Fi fanatics.

The Walking Dead – An adaptation of the very popular comics series, this AMC show is sure to be a big presence at the con. Drawing in the many fans of the comic, AMC has spent a lot of money on this large scale series and is sure to sell it to the Comic-Con crowd as well as they can. The panel should be a great place for both fans of the comic and interested attendees to see how serious-minded zombies are making the jump to TV.
Verdict: Fans of the comic, high-quality television, or zombies in general should put this on their list to see.

No Ordinary Family – This new ABC series can be summed up by saying “The Incredibles goes live action”. Starring Michael Chiklis (of Fantastic Four and The Shield fame), the show revolves around an average family that gains mysterious super powers during a tropical vacation. The footage released so far seems a bit cheesy and unintelligent, but ABC is sure to pull out all the stops to an audience that is very receptive to Superheroes on prime time.
Verdict: Chiklis fans and people looking for superhero programming to watch with the family are all that should rush out to to see it.

Bob’s Burgers –  Revolving round an odd family that runs a burger store, this Fox animated comedy lacks much of the early buzz that other shows on this list do. Fox will attempt to rope in the same attendees going to the rest of their animation panels though, and good footage could make the show hit its target audience perfectly.
Verdict: Fans of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad might want to put this on the list to see.

The Event – NBC is trying to mix recently ended hits 24 and Lost in a series that will likely grab audiences with its intriguing premise. Revolving around a secret event that sends an array of interesting stories into motion, the show hopes big budget action with a scifi twist could be the perfect formula for having next season’s hit. All the elements are their to make this the Lost of Comic-Con 2010.
Verdict: A must see for TV fans.

Undercovers – This new JJ Abrams produced spy comedy is set to impress with likable stars, good behind the scenes talent, and a plot that is somewhat similar to fan favorite Chuck. Focusing around a couple that gets back into the spy business after a long time off, NBC is hyping it up as a must see action/comedy. The Pilot (which JJ Abrams directed) is likely to please, and if the stars come along, this might just be a hit panel.
Verdict: Fans of romantic action/comedies or Chuck should rush to this one, others should keep it on their “Maybe” list.
(Note: This is the one show on the list that hasn’t even been rumored to be at the con. Based on the subject matter and talent I included it on the list but there is still the possibility it will not attend.)

Nikita – An adaptation of the 1990 film, the show stars Maggie Q as a formal criminal who is now working for the government. It has enough action and drama to satisfy fans of the film, but The CW has yet to prove they can go beyond the realm of teen dramas.
Verdict: A risky choice, but fans of the film or those with un-warranted confidence in CW might want to give it a look.

The Cape – Premiering in January on NBC, The Cape has a plot that would please most attendees: A father becomes a superhero to defend his family and the city he loves. Unfortunately the footage released so far looks terribly written and poorly acted. Don’t let the synopsis fool you into thinking this is the successor to Heroes.
Verdict: Only for TV fans with nothing else to do or those that think the show could defy its terrible previews.

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