How to Take a Ride in The Green Hornet’s Car

Attendees looking for a bit of excitement can head over to the Candy Factory at Petco’s Park at the Park where they will be able to take a ride in Black Beauty, the car unveiled at SDCC last year and pictured above. Read on for the details!

The event will begin at 6 PM on Preview Night (Tomorrow) and run until 5 PM on Sunday. Here’s an official description:

Experience The Green Hornet like never before! Step into Britt Reid’s Garage where you’ll get see his official, weapons-laden 1965 Chrysler Imperial, Black Beauty, alongside other cars from his incredible collection. Take a ride in Britt’s famous car with one of the Hornettes for an up-close view of the advanced technology created exclusively for the upcoming feature film, The Green Hornet.

People that want to go should RSVP on its Facebook page here. This guarantees admission and will get you a Green Hornet shirt at the event. In addition, Foursquare users can friend Brett Reid (the main character of the film) here as it will provide you with inside tips such as how to jump the line for a ride. Finally, people can follow @GreenHornette on Twitter for updates on the event.

It sounds like another cool thing to do if you’re looking for activities around the convention center. Below is the flyer that they will be handing out around the convention center.

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