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Movie/TV Recaps and Reviews for Saturday

The Community Panel – Photo by Chuck Young

I’m back again with a rundown for the second-to-last day of Comic-Con 2010. Hall H was amazing and Ballroom 20 had some interesting programs too, so read on for everything that went down.

Movies (Hall H):

Green Lantern – Barely any footage was shown and no shots of the suit were included so it was very hard to judge quality. Still, what was there looked promising and Ryan Reynolds was fun during the Q+A. B+

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – The footage they presented was epic, impressive, and a huge hit. Unfortunately the only cast member in attendance was Tom Felton and he talked for only a few minutes. B-

Sucker Punch – Many people found the footage to be awe-inspiring and epic, but unfortunately I found it life-less and numbing. Some of the action really impressed me but most of the trailer seemed more like a music video. The Q+A was a bit boring but fans of the trailer might have found it interesting. C+ (For Me)

Let Me In – Positively surprising many people, this remake of a swedish film blew attendees away with a few dark and well-made clips. Then writer/director Matt Reeves took up most of the panel with semi-interesting behind the scenes info though, and left the actors little time to speak up. B

Resident Evil 4 3-D – I’m really not the target audience as I don’t play the games or watch the movies but this panel still succeeded in disappointing me. The clips and trailer were filled with entirely ridiculous and downright stupid action filmed with 10 movies worth of slo-mo. The Q+A came down to a lot of talking about how awesome they thought the movie was. C-

Paul – This panel was filled to the brim with comedy heavyweights and they mostly succeeded in being their hilarious selves. The SDCC-exclusive trailer was ridiculously funny and the only downside was a short panel that didn’t allow the whole cast to be utilized. A-

Cowboys & Aliens – Universal trotted out stars such as Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde for this panel but the big surprise was Harrison Ford’s first Comic-Con appearance, turning attendees into a giddy mob. Though the production is only halfway through filming, the two scenes they showed were both fantastic. The only drawback was almost no Q+A and discussion as the clips were long and the panel was short. A

Captain America – A teaser trailer that included 1-second of costume test footage was included in this panel along with a rough-cut of a villain scene (without Cap). The suit in the tests had me worried but the clip was quite good and restored hope. There was even a bit of interesting discussion from Chris Evans. B+

Thor – Marvel rolled out a big 3D sneak peek for this film and it mostly hit its mark. I was unimpressed with certain parts of the trailer but others absolutely blew me away. Some interesting Q+A questions along with an appearance by Natalie Portman were also included. A-

Avengers – Newcomers Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) were brought on stage along with those previously announced such as Robert Downey Jr. When the whole cast and Joss Whedon were finally together, the crowd was cheering like never before and it was really a landmark experience. A+


Chuck – Though they didn’t top last year’s live Jeffster performance, a GaGa music video and casting announcement for Linda Hamilton definitely pleased the fans. More details here.

Fringe – Packing the short panel full of info and discussion, the creators and stars used their panel wisely. More details here.

No Ordinary Family – The pilot didn’t blow anyone’s minds but it’s quality entertainment and definitely has a fun factor. Whether that is enough to make superhero fans tune in will probably depend on the viewer.

V – The cast and crew revealed a new global view for the show in addition to previews of upcoming conflicts. They seemed to be happy to oblige fan demand for info on the new season and that is very commendable. More details are here.

Vampire Dairies – Much like V, this show provided fans with details on the conflicts and plots of their upcoming seasons while still talking about fan favorite topics. More info is here.

Community – This panel wasn’t the laugh riot some expected but it was still fun and constantly amusing. The cast was all there and each got to contribute a bit. A live performance of the spanish rap definitely bumped it up on the awesome scale a bit.

The Event – Though the pilot might have confused a few too many attendees, others were caught up in the rush and loved this new show. Unfortunately the cast and crew were unable to talk much for fear of revealing unwanted information.

Check back tomorrow for a TV recap (as there are no movie panels on Sunday).

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