The Falling Skies Viral Begins and Teases SDCC Surprises

As I mentioned last month, Falling Skies is a Steven Spielberg-Produced TNT show that is premiering next summer. The program takes place in a rundown America where a group of resistance fighters retaliate against alien invaders. Though it doesn’t premiere for almost a year, a panel for the show is taking place Friday and the viral marketing is already getting into gear. I experienced this firsthand when a mysterious package from “2nd Mass” arrived at my door. Read on to find out what was inside!

I quickly opened the package to find a wrapped object with the label “Play Me.” Unwrapping this revealed a heavily bruised and battered Flip Cam with the 2nd Mass logo on the front. Here are some pictures of the camera:

Turning it on revealed a previously recorded video on the cam. Reminiscent of Cloverfield and War of the Worlds, the clip has an awesome scifi invasion feel to it. Take a look:

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

Weird stuff, right? In case you don’t have a cell phone camera handy, the QR code brings you to the 2nd Mass Website. The coordinates on this site point to the San Diego Convention Center and mousing over the G brings up a countdown clock that is going down to the start of the con. In addition, the V brings up the end of the video embedded above.

Though the site doesn’t specifically state it is for Falling Skies, the folks at Coming Soon did some snooping around and found the address on the package matches that of Turner Entertainment and Skies is their main SDCC property. So what does all this mean? Should we expect some cool Falling Skies related stuff at the con outside of the panel? We’ll find out soon enough but this definitely made me more excited.

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