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Cowboys & Aliens will Likely Premiere at Petco Park!

UPDATE: The park must not have worked out as Favreau just announced through his Twitter “World premiere at San Diego Civic Theater Saturday night, 7/23. Printing tix for 2000 fans!”

Just moments ago the LA Times Hero Complex blog announced that Cowboys & Aliens will be having its big premiere at this year’s SDCC. Director Jon Favreau has always been a huge con supporter and though this is great news, its not entirely unexpected. What is shocking though, is where it’ll probably be held.

Though the LA Times piece never specifies, they quote Favreau as saying “we’re going to find a way to include as many of the fans as possible.” Well just moments before that announcement, Latino Review writer Elmayimbe posted on Twitter:

Scoop: A big studio took a look at the playing field of Petco Park & wants to do a big outdoor screening of an upcoming movie.

He couldn’t specify what film or studio, but I think this makes it as clear as it can be. Favreau wants to get it to as many people as possible and what better way then a massive sports arena right next to the con? Though plans could fall through and the tweet doesn’t sound totally confident, I’d certainly place bets on it.

Would you go see a Petco Park screening?

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