No Marvel Hall H Panel!

Yup, rumors have been floating around for a while but the LA Times just made it official. Marvel will sit out Hall H this year. It sort of makes sense as Avengers might still be filming and even if it’s done, the footage will be in such rough shape that there won’t be much that can impress. After all, when you consider how much effects work all the heroes on screen together will take, the raw footage can’t look very spectacular.

Marvel will likely have a booth promoting the films and might even have some stuff strewn around the con (virals, outdoor displays, and the like) but it definitely takes some thunder out of Hall H as The Avengers would’ve surely been its biggest panel. Now the question becomes Captain America. It comes out the Friday of the con but will Marvel have a big event screening with the cast and crew on hand or just let the fans flock to it on their own? We shall see soon enough.

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