USA Announces Their SDCC Lineup

Yesterday, two shows from the USA Network took to their respective social media portals and announced the awesome news, they’re going to Comic-Con. Unfortunately two other fan favorites were mysteriously silent and today we learned they’d be skipping the con entirely. Which shows? Read on!


  • Psych – This really is USA’s main SDCC program and I’m happy to see it’s back. In a single episode Psych probably drops more nerdy references, plot lines, and general attitude than all of the other USA shows combined so it’s a perfect fit. The panel’s also known for its awesomeness (last year star Dule Hill tap danced on stage) and it should be another huge hit this year.
  • Covert Affairs – This show, on the other hand, is more of an odd fit. Co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy still gets respect for being a Heroes alum but star Piper Perabo is far from a con favorite and the entire plot of the show is standard secret agent stuff. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it is kind of boring compared to other competing panels. My guess? This was their least popular show and they need to drum up more popularity. We’ll have to see the panel reaction to gauge how it worked.

Won’t be Attending:

  • Burn Notice – Though not a perfect fit, it certainly had more of a punch than Covert Affairs. Co-star Bruce Campbell has almost Nathan Fillion levels of con respect and the show is so much fun that most people have to love it. It wasn’t a huge hit at last year’s SDCC, but it still attracted a sizable panel crowd and this year the show’s filming won’t conflict with the con.
  • White Collar – Biggest surprise by far. Fans were thrilled when the show made its first appearance last year and with a meet-up already gathering heat it seems super odd that USA would just decide to take it away. The stars were great together at last year’s panel and I’m sure many people will be seriously bummed it’s not showing up.

So what’s my guess on all the changes? I think USA is simply trying to cut down on costs and be as thrifty with their con presence as possible. Though they have the best fit (Psych) and the one that needs the most help (Covert Affairs), the shows that got lost in the shuffle will surely be missed. If you want them back at SDCC 2012, I’d suggest telling them on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Are these the two you wanted to see the most or is this totally crushing? Leave a comment telling us your thoughts.

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