Damon Lindelof Wants to ‘Go Big’ with Star Trek 2 at SDCC

Since Star Trek was rebooted in 2009, Trekkies have been waiting a long time for J. J. Abrams’ next film in the series. For Comic-Con attendees, the wait has been even longer – not since 2007 has Abrams brought  the cast and crew of the popular sci-fi franchise to the San Diego Convention Center.

With the next Star Trek film due to hit the multiplexes next summer, there’s no better year than 2012 to end the drought, and a recent quote from writer/producer Damon Lindelof seems to indicate he feels the same.

In an exclusive interview with fan site TrekMovie.com, Lindelof gave the following hint that the Enterprise may indeed be landing at SDCC this July:

TrekMovie.com: Speaking of showing things, you had mentioned you hoped to show something at Comic Con this summer, what is the latest on that? Teaser trailer?

Damon Lindelof: I’m not going to confirm or deny that. Our feeling is, that if we can get something together that is worthy of showing on that timetable, then we will most certainly show it. But, if it is sub-par or not ready or requires more post-production, then nobody at Comic Con is going to want to hear us say “hey this is very temporary, but we wanted to show you something.” We need to put our best foot forward. We just wrapped principal photography as you know and Comic Con is in mid July so it is an aggressive timetable. If we are going to go we are going to go big or not go at all.

We previously thought the chances were high for Star Trek 2 to appear at this year’s SDCC, and Lindelof’s comments reinforce our prediction. Given that the sequel just finished filming, it might be too aggressive to expect much in the way of finished scenes or a teaser trailer with completed special effects, but we’re hopeful for a stunning reveal of the villain in Star Trek 2, to a packed Hall H.

Would a Star Trek 2 panel make or break your SDCC this year? Sound off in the comments.

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