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Getting Ready for SDCC: Three Months and Counting…

Three months and counting until SDCC!Can you believe it? We are down to three months till “Nerdapalooza” 2013 begins! For Comic-Con veterans, you know exactly what to expect and what you should be doing right now. However for some, this will be like waking up in Jabba’s Palace after being frozen in carbonite – complete with disorientation, panic, and anxiety. Believe me, I’ve been there – it ain’t pretty. To reduce the shock to your system, here are a few vital matters to consider with just 89 days left to the show:

Resale Badges

If you are still in search of entrance into the show, I can imagine that panic mode is starting to kick in. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options left. The return deadline for badges is May 15th. If there is enough inventory for a resale, I would guess it would happen a week or two after that on a Saturday. It will also be the smallest amount of badges sold which means it will sell out in mere seconds. After this option, the only thing left is to try to volunteer for a vendor by manning a booth or helping with set up. Some volunteers also get comp badges so it would be good to suck up to one of them. Ingenuity, persistence, and hard work will have to be your allies in a pursuit of a golden ticket.

Parking Pass

If you plan on commuting into downtown during the show, then a parking pass is a must. There is nothing worst than fighting the Gaslamp traffic only to circle for another hour trying to find open parking. You’ll end up paying a lot of money and walking from the border of Mexico (like I did my first year). Be sure to read our parking guide and the Ace Parking presale details to get the scoop.


If you don’t have an intimate relationship with Twitter, you should start now. It’s the best way to get up to the second info about breaking news leading up to July as well as on the ground happenings during the show. Even if you picked it up for the next three months for Comic-Con, you will be glad. There are a lot of great folks to follow but the SDCCblog team is a great place to start: @SD_Comic_Con, @spotanime, @The_Con_Fluence, @danregal, @evico, @OutsideComicCon, or follow the entire team in one stroke with our Twitter team list. And of course, me at @Crazy4ComicCon.


You might think this is kinda’ weird one to list but believe me, this is important. Your closest companion at SDCC is not the friends you came with but your backpack. It’s there for you through thick and thin transporting your most precious Exclusives, SWAG, technology, and nourishment. So finding the perfect bag to accomplish this should not be taken lightly. Some may prefer the full backpack, but they can be a little cumbersome and hard to access since pockets are out of reach. And let’s not forget the ‘pack-slam’ that occurs when someone turns suddenly and slams their backpack into a total stranger. I prefer the side satchel myself. I like that it’s easy to shift the weight from side to side. Besides being more maneuverable, it’s much easier to grab a camera or drink out when navigating the con floor. Just think it though and shop around for a bag that will compliment your needs. Just like in Doctor Who, a good companion can be a life saver.

External Batteries

Three months and counting until SDCC!If you have never been to Comic-Con, you have to know that your phone battery will die much faster than normal. Since the phone networks are jammed up, your phone works much harder to send data up and down. A simple tweet can spool for the entire length of a panel. Before you know it, it’s noon and your battery is dead. The best solution is to purchase an external battery case for your iPhone or Android. Mophie is one brand that has been particularly faithful to me over the years. When your phone depletes down to 10%, flip on the battery and it will charge your phone up to maybe 40-60% depending on the life of your case. If you are a moderate phone user, buy a case (or a external battery pack). Outlets are far and few between and you don’t want to be caught with a dead phone when Joss walks up and demands a hug from you. No one wants to see you ugly cry at Comic-Con.

Double Check Your Reservations

This is VERY important. Make sure your badge purchase and hotel deposits have been processed as instructed. You should have been charges two nights already on your credit card – of not, you are in trouble. I have heard of too many horror stories of “lost” reservations followed by the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Check, double check, and triple check that all your reservations and transactions are complete.

Those are a few points to be thinking about as you prepare. I know some of this may seem a bit obsessive – and you would be right. Believe me, I’ve talked to too many “first timers” that would have planned differently after maiden SDCC voyage. Let’s hear from some of you con vets about what you do to prepare three months out from the show – leave a comment down below.

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