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SDConCast – 05-10-2013 – Let It Happen Organically…

The Line for Ballroom 20 SDCC July 12 2012The SDConCast is back for another season of news, interviews and tips! This year we kick off the new season of the podcast with a new guest host, Shawn Marshall, joining last year’s crew of Jeremy, James and Kim. We talk about the big SDCC events so far, a recap of Wondercon, an interview with Liam Brenner, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead Escape, and Shawn’s Exclusive of the Week.

Show Notes:

The D23 Expo Effect: Where does Star Wars and Marvel fit into SDCC 2013?

Will Hall H Become the Site of a ‘Justice League’ Movie Reveal?

Course of the Force

The Walking Dead Escape: What To Expect At SDCC This Year

Hasbro Announces First SDCC Exclusive: Boba Fett Black Series Confirmed


Intro/Outro: “Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal <3s Me)”, Talkshow Boy

Interstitial Music: “Freaky Teen Fashion – Time For A Makeover!”, Talkshow Boy

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The Hosts:

Jeremy Rutz
Website: About Me

James Riley

Kim Twombly
Twitter: @OutsideComicCon

Shawn Marshall
Twitter: @The_Con_Fluence

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