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X-Men Marvel Legends Box Set an SDCC 2014 Exclusive? [UPDATE: Nope!]

The surprise, epic X-Men: Days of Future Past panel was one of the most talked-about moments of San Diego Comic-Con 2013. And it seems like X-Men fans will have more to be excited about at this year’s SDCC as well.

[Editor’s Note: It appears that this set will not be a SDCC exclusive, but will be a retailer exclusive. Where, when, how much? Scroll down for the update.]

Today’s bit of news comes courtesy of Marvelous News via popular message board site 4chan, where an image of a classic X-Men Marvel Legends box set was posted.

Could this be a Hasbro SDCC exclusive for  2014?The image, according to the Marvelous scoop, was listed with the caption “SDCC 2014”, but since it was posted in early January the original post on 4chan is now unavailable. The timing would make sense, as fans are sure to be even more amped up about X-Men than usual, considering X-Men: Days of Future Past movie premieres on May 23, 2014 only two months before SDCC.

We’ve reached out to Hasbro representatives for comment and will update everyone if we get a response back.

Last year we had to wait several months after Toy Fair to get our first look at a Hasbro exclusive, so if authentic, this is a big deal for everyone hoping to attend SDCC this year.

What do you think? Real or fake? Will this get you to wait in the HasbroToyShop line this year? Let us know in the comments!


Thanks to IGN, we now know the story behind this awesome Hasbro box set. While this All-New X-Men Legends set won’t be part of Hasbro’s Comic-Con exclusives, they will be a Toys R’Us exclusive, available at Toys R’Us stores across the country starting on February 1.

The box set includes all five of the original X-Men as they appeared in the classic comics, as well as in the current All-New X-Men book: Iceman, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Jean Gray. Each figure is 6-inches tall, like the others in the Legends series, and the box set will retail for $84.99 – which works out to be around $17 per figure. Take a look at the post over at IGN for images of the box art and individual figures.

Even though this particular set isn’t part of Hasbro’s plans for Comic-Con, it’s very possible another Marvel Legends set will be.

What Hasbro exclusives are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments!

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