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Director James Gunn Confirms No ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Screening at Comic-Con

guardians of the galaxyMarvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy hits theatres on August 1, less than two weeks after the summer’s biggest pop culture convention begins. It might seem like the perfect time for one final, huge marketing push for the film when all eyes are on San Diego Comic-Con, but we now know that whatever Marvel is or isn’t planning for the film’s presence at Comic-Con, it won’t include an early screening for attendees, or the director James Gunn.

Last night, Gunn took to Facebook to clarify some misinformation and questions about upcoming screenings for the film. On Monday, July 8, theatres around the country will be giving fans a 17-minute exclusive look at Guardians of the Galaxy, and Gunn confirmed the running time on those special previews (for those wanting to attend, some theatres still have tickets here).

Additionally, he clarified that there will not be a showing of the film at San Diego Comic-Con:

And finally, no, I am sorry we are not planning on showing the film at San Diego Comicon. Really.

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Attendees had been speculating for months that a special, full-length screening of the film would happen in San Diego, based primarily on the fact that the last time a Marvel film premiered so close to Comic-Con, that’s exactly what happened. In 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger debuted nationwide on July 22, but Comic-Con attendees were the first audience to see the film in its entirety a day earlier, on Thursday, July 21. An entire day of festivities, beginning with a free screening at the UA Horton Plaza with Chris Evans in attendance, kicked off a huge promotional push for the film at Comic-Con.

Many had hoped that something similar would happen for Guardians of the Galaxy this year, but that simply isn’t in the cards. It’s still possible that Guardians will have some kind of presence at the Comic-Con panel (traditionally held on Saturday), as Tom Hiddleston came out in full Loki costume last year to promote the then-upcoming Thor: The Dark World even with limited other promotion at the convention.

However, any promotion for the film at Comic-Con won’t include director Gunn, as we know from an earlier tweet from him that he will be Singapore during the convention:

Although Guardians might not have much promotion at the panel, that doesn’t mean the line to get into Hall H will be any shorter. Actor Mark Ruffalo already announced that the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron will be flying in from London to attend the convention, presumably to be part of the Marvel panel and other happenings around the convention center.

We also expect the convention floor to be full of Guardians merchandise and promotions, like the previously announced Funko Flocked Rocket Raccoon Pop!.

Are you surprised there won’t be a special Guardians of the Galaxy screening? Let us know in the comments.

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