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Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives [UPDATE July 22]

Funko is returning to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with 86 exclusives, and we cant wait to see what they have in store.

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 22] Funko has joined forces with MINDstyle , and together, the two are bringing one more Funko exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con: the Aloha Plate truck and crew. You can find the Aloha Plate crew at the MINDstyle Booth #4845, and the Grand Champions of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race Season 4 will also be signing autographs at the MINDstyle booth on Friday, July 25, at 12PM.


[UPDATE July 21 -2] Funko announced a new special Bryan Fuller customized autographed Hannibal Pop! they will be giving away at their booth. The Pop! will be on display at the Funko booth starting Preview Night through Sunday July 27. Stop by the booth and fill out an entry card to enter to win. Entry cards will be drawn on Sunday.

Here’s a look at that customized autographed Hannibal Pop!


Also, Fuller and Hannibal actress Caroline Dhavernas will be signing at the Funko booth #5343 on Friday July 25 at 1pm.

[UPDATE July 21] With only two days to go before Comic-Con, Funko is still squeezing in some last minute Monday exclusives.

[UPDATE July 18] Surprise! It’s Hikari Friday, so we get a fresh batch of SDCC exclusives to end the week. Each Hikari Sofubi figure is limited to a production run of 500.

[UPDATE July 16] Are you ready for another batch of Funko exclusives for the week? Today’s offerings include Game of Thrones, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Goonies, and Saw:

[UPDATE July 14] Another Monday, another Funko SDCC reveal. Today’s batch should make fans of Red Weddings and classic cartoons very happy.

[UPDATE July 9] Today’s Funko exclusives represent both the bright side and the dark side of pop culture: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and My Little Pony. Click on the gallery below for the images with descriptions:

[UPDATE July 7] In addition to the Marvel Comic-Con exclusives announced last week, Funko has now revealed two additional exclusives from another very cool property – Frozen. Click on the gallery below for the images with descriptions:

[UPDATE July 3] Just like the last several years, Funko will be featuring some Marvel exclusives at their booth, and this year, they’re rockin. Funko has created two sets of Marvel exclusives – a Flocked Rocket Racoon Pop! bobble-head that will be available for $15, and an exclusive set of Marvel Mystery Minis.

The set, which features twelve special edition characters in new paints and sculpts, features a Metallic Hulk, Hulk, Metallic X-Force Deadpool, Blue Deadpool, Deadpool, Thor, Glow in the Dark Phoenix, Phoenix, Spider-Man, Metallic Spider-Man, Thanos, and Ultron. Each blind box figure will be available for $7, or you can purchase the entire set for $84.

Flocked Rocket Racoon Pop!
San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Marvel Mystery Minis

You can find additional information on

[UPDATE July 1] Funko has revealed the company’s fourth batch of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, which includes figures from Pulp Fiction, Despicable Me, Adventure Time, and more. Click on the gallery below for the images with descriptions:

[UPDATE June 30] The third batch of Funko SDCC exclusives include Pop! Vinyls from properties like Hannibal, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Disney Mystery Minis, and two Firefly figures. Click on the gallery below for the images with descriptions:

[UPDATE June 25] The next batch of Funko SDCC exclusive reveals are here! Star Wars, Buffy and Flintstones Pop! Vinyls, and a new Predator ReAction. Click on the gallery below for the images with descriptions:

[UPDATE June 23] The company announced it will be revealing its SDCC exclusives every Monday and Wednesday starting today until the convention. And with 86 exclusives, they sure do have a lot of ground to cover. Funko also announced it will be giving away one of each of the exclusive sets announced. Here are the details of the giveaway per today’s announcement:

We are giving away one of EVERY EXCLUSIVE!
Each giveaway will run for two days (Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday) on our social media handles.

We will select one winner for each set of exclusives announced.
One winner will be announced each Tuesday or Thursday at 4PM PST!

For example…
Today’s giveaway begins NOW and will run through tomorrow (Tuesday).
One winner will be selected to win one of EVERY item shown below!
The winner will be announced Tuesday at 4PM PST!

Saying that. today’s set of Funko’s SDCC announcements are for the Ghostbusters Pop! Vinyls, with a Super7 ReAction exclusive to boot. Click on the gallery below for the images with descriptions:

[UPDATE June 18] Fugitive Toys has unveiled another Funko Pop! exclusive to this year’s Comic-Con on the company’s Instagram account – a White Lantern: The Flash figure. There’s no word yet on pricing.

White Lantern Flash

[UPDATE June 13] We’ve got two Funko exclusives today that have been revealed by other companies. The first, a Pop! DC Heroes Deathstroke “Unmasked” figure, was revealed by collaborating company Diamond in their annual unveiling of all of their exclusives. The second, part of a collaboration with Fugitive Toys, was released on that company’s Instagram account and features a White Lantern: Superman figure, complete with a cape.

Diamond SDCC 2014 Exclusive - POP! Deathstroke Unmasked
DC Heroes Deathstroke “Unmasked”
White Lantern: Superman

No prices were announced yet, but we’ll update once we have more information.

[UPDATE MAY 15] The ticket pages for both the Funko FunDays event and the pre-buy special state that both are now sold out.

[UPDATE MAY 8] Fugitive Toys has revealed one of the SDCC exclusives for this year — a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man variant. Love this angry, crying Stay Puft? You can win one early. Fugitive Toys is giving away one through a contest on their Instagram, and you can click here to read the rules and enter to win.

This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man variant will be at SDCC.
This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man variant will be at SDCC.

No word yet on pricing, but we’ll update once we have more details.

Also, the team at Funko Fanatics, a group of serious Funko collectors and fans, as well as our own staff here at The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog, have taken a stab at de-coding the clues for the 2014 exclusives. We’ve put our best guess beside each hint in the list below.

Thanks to @CaniacKid on Twitter for the heads up.

Previous updates below…

Funko Pop! Vinyls Toy Fair 2014Funko, producer of the adorable licensed Pop! Vinyls, has been a fan favorite, not just for Comic-Con attendees, but for collectors in general. And ever since we got to check out the company’s 2014 line-up at Toy Fair, we’ve been just as excited to see what they have in store for this year’s SDCC.

We’ll now we know, courtesy of the FunkoFunatic fan forums. Funko has released details on its annual Funko FunDays event, as well as the hint list of 52 of the 86 (yes, we said 86) exclusives it has planned for SDCC 2014. Among the list are the aforementioned Pop! Vinyls, as well as figures from Super7’s ReAction retro line and its slick new Hikari collectibles.

First, the FunDays event will be on Friday July 25th at 8pm in the Wyndham San Diego Bayside hotel. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketleap and are $70 per person [Note: Sold Out]. Included in the price is food and drinks. More importantly, everyone who attend will receive a “world famous Funko Box of Fun filled with surprises”.

Next is information on the annual Funko SDCC pre-buy special. The way this works is that for a limited time, Funko fans are able to buy the entire lot of this year’s SDCC exclusives at a discount. For 2014, the price of the pre-buy is $1000, a savings of $200 if you were to purchase separately. The advantage of this pre-buy is that you’re guaranteed all 86 exclusives, and shipped free to your home after the convention. No need to schlep all these home yourself, although it might be worth it just to see the jealous faces on the way.

You can place your pre-buy order now at Ticketleap [Note: Sold Out]. There is a 2 order limit per person.

The pre-buy will include all 86 exclusives. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 36 Mystery Mini Exclusives
  • 2 Legacy Collection Exclusives
  • 8 ReAction Figure Exclusives
  • 28 Pop! Exclusives including a 6” Pop! Exclusive and 6 Pop! Set Exclusives
  • 2 Vinyl Figure Exclusives
  • 3 Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Exclusives

Here is the full list of all 52 hints for this year’s Funko SDCC exclusives:

1. These Mystery Minis didn’t fare so well with all the fire and ice! [Guess: Game of Thrones minis]
2. These Mystery Minis came all the way from the 616 Universe! [Guess: Marvel minis]
3. These Mystery Minis really are from a small world after all! [Guess: Disney minis]
4. This Legacy Figure is ready to battle! [Guess: Battle Scar Game of Thrones Tyrion]
5. This Legacy Figure is glowing white! [Glow in the Dark Game of Thrones White Walker]
6. This ReAction Figure is on the hunt! SPLATTERED! [Guess: Blood-Spattered Predator]
7. This black and white ReAction Figure is ready for take off! [Guess: Black & White Rocketeer]
8. This captain is coming to you ReAction style! [Guess: Star Trek Captain Kirk]
9. This ReAction Figure will make you scream “BABY RUTH!” [Guess: Goonies]
10. What’s this?! A ReAction Figure and his canine friend! [Guess: Nightmare Before Christmas Jack/Zero or Scooby Doo/Shaggy]
11. A blood splattered hitman in ReAction style! [Guess: Pulp Fiction Bloody]
12. A chatty blood splattered hitman in ReAction style! [Guess: Pulp Fiction Bloody]
13. You’ll love this ReAction figures HAT! [Guess: Firefly Jayne Cobb – see photo]
14. A Direwolf you can actually pet in Pop! Form! [Guess: Game of Thrones Flocked Direwolf]
15. This Pop! will make you lose your head! [Guess: Game of Thrones Headless Robb Stark]
16. This Pop! will also make you scream “BABY RUTH!” [Guess: Goonies]
17. These four Pop!’s got a little messy! [Guess: Ghostbusters Slimed Set]
18. One of these Pop!’s is METALLIC and the other is covered in Ectoplasmic ooze! [Guess: Ghostbusters]
19. This green Pop! now GLOWS! [Guess: Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters Slimer]
20. The destructor Pop! has been chosen and this time he glows! [Guess: Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters Stay Puft 6″]
21. One of these Pop!’s is hungry and the other one’s world has been turned upside down! [Guess: Star Wars Luke/Woompa 6″]
22. This sorcerer Pop! glows!
23. This cat Pop! is flocked!
24. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #1 [Guess: Pop! Art Flintstones set]
25. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #2 [Guess: Pop! Art Flintstones set]
26. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #3 [Guess: Pop! Art Flintstones set]
27. Blam! This Pop! is fragging flocked! [Guess: Guardians of the Galaxy Flocked Rocket Raccoon]
28. A blood splattered hitman in Pop! form! [Guess: Bloody Pulp Fiction]
29. A chatty blood splattered hitman in Pop! form! [Guess: Bloody Pulp Fiction]
30. This popular helper Pop! is wearing a disguise!
31. This popular helper Pop! is also wearing a disguise!
32. This princess Pop! GLOWS!
33. This living electronic device does it all- it even glows! [Guess: Glow in the Dark BMO]
34. Two animated worlds collide to make in a classic mash-up in the first ever Pop! tin box!
35. This bloody glow Pop! wants to a play a game. [Guess: Bloody Saw]
36. This Pop! can glow, but he can’t get too warm. [Guess: Glow in the Dark Frozen Olaf]
37. We caught this Pop! in the middle of a transformation!
38. Brrr! This Pop! needs to warm up. [Guess: Frozen]
39. This bloody Pop! is no stranger to a little blood. [Guess: Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
40. This injured Pop! thought that high school was going to be tough… [Guess: Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
41. This bounty hunter Pop! came from the future! [Guess: Terminator]
42. This bloody Pop! goes a little crazy for a full moon! [Guess: Bloody Wolfman]
43. This Pop! is the scariest natural disaster of all time and it’s soaked in blood! [Guess: Bloody Sharknado]
44. He’s a bloody Pop! and he has a taste for flesh! [Guess: Hannibal – see photo]
45. Yo! This Pop! is bloody, beaten, and bruised! [Guess: Beaten up Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman]
46. This Pop! is cooking… and he glows! [Guess: Glow in the Dark Breaking Bad Walter White]
47. This beast of a Pop! is undead! [Guess: The Walking Dead]
48. This acrobatic Vinyl Figure had a dark makeover! [Guess: My Little Pony]
49. This famous DJ also had a dark makeover! [Guess: My Little Pony DJ Pon]
50. This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is icy!
51. This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is a fierce vigilante! [Guess: Batman]
52. This Hikari Vinyl Figure looks tubular! [Guess: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]

These will be revealed in the weeks leading up to SDCC 2014. Be sure to keep an eye here as we bring you each exclusive and pic as they are announced.

Will you be going to Funko FunDays or taking advantage of the Pre-Buy savings and convenience? Let us know in the comments.

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