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REPORT: ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Part of Fox’s Hall H Lineup

Fantastic Four Cosplay, from Wikipedia
Fantastic Four Cosplay, from Wikipedia

It appears that when it comes to San Diego Comic-Con nowadays, Marvel Studios isn’t the only game in town.

A report published today by Screenrant states that the Twentieth Century Fox panel will include the cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. The film, directed by Chronicle‘s Josh Trank, finally started shooting this spring, for a 2015 release, and has been a long time coming for fans of the First Family of Superheroes who were burned by the original films, widely panned by critics and audiences alike.

Here’s a quote from the report on Screenrant:

We’ve learned from an insider that the five young leads of director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot will be making an appearance and that must mean the following talent will show up on stage:

  • Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm – The Thing)

  • Kate Mara (Sue Storm – The Invisible Woman)

  • Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm – The Human Torch)

  • Miles Teller (Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic)

  • Toby Kebbell (Victor von Doom – Doctor Doom)

The report also states the date of the panel is unknown, but we announced a couple of weeks ago the Fox Studio Hall H presentation would be on Friday July 25. We also know The Maze Runner is another film to be showcased as part of the Fox presentation, which is slated to happen on Friday sometime between 4pm and 6:35pm (when Kevin Smith is slated to come on stage for his annual “Evening with Kevin Smith panel”).

With Marvel’s success with The Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s no question Fox wants a piece of that pie. Back in 2012 Fox hired Mark Millar as Creative Consultant for Fox’s universe, which centers on X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Things have gotten so spiteful between Marvel and Fox that, from another report at Screenrant, Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter put the Fantastic Four comic on hiatus, just so that he wouldn’t be helping to publicize the big-screen reboot.

Hopefully we’ll know more when the Twentieth Century Fox panel is listed on Friday’s programming schedule when it gets announced sometime tomorrow.

Are you excited to see the new Fantastic Four cast at Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments.

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