WonderPost: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Gabby Zapata, John Carpenter’s Asylum, Panels

WonderCon Anaheim 2015 will be here before you know it – so it’s time to start paying attention to what there is to see, do, and buy at this year’s convention. Already, we have a panel announcement, as well as a closer look at several artists and exhibitors that will be in attendance. There’s even some very exciting news about a little company called Walt Disney Animation Studios. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Babbs Tarr, known for her illustration and design, announced on Twitter she will be in attendance at SDCC and WonderCon this summer.

  • Monkey Minion Press, the publisher of children’s books and the maker of “Zombie Greeting Cards” and other geeky offerings, list WonderCon on their list of scheduled appearances.
A Monkey Minion press greeting card.
A Monkey Minion press greeting card.
  • Artist Gabby Zapata has been hard at work getting her prints ready for WonderCon. On Twitter, she offered up a sneak peek at one of her offerings:

And on her tumblr, she revealed a full look at an Anna and Elsa Frozen print she’ll be selling.

Gabby Zapata Frozen print.
Gabby Zapata Frozen print.

As well as some original Marvel/DC ladies prints.


  • Horror graphic novel publisher Storm King announced in a press release that they will be heading to WonderCon this year, and they’re bringing “products and creators behind their premiere title John Carpenter’s Asylum“.


  • Walt Disney Animation Studios is coming back to WonderCon this year, the studio revealed on their website. No further details are known yet, but last year’s presence included an “The Art of Frozen” panel, so fans could be treated to a behind-the-scenes look of Big Hero 6 or one of their upcoming releases.



  • Artist Jenni Gregory announced on her website that she’ll be exhibiting at WonderCon this year – with her exact booth location still to be announced.
Jenni Gregory
  • Children’s author Salina Yoon, best known for her Penguin book series lists a panel at WonderCon on her event schedule, along with fellow panelists Molly Idle, Drew Dewalt, Jenni Holm, and Brian Won.

Are you counting down the days until WonderCon? Let us know in the comments.

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