WonderPost: Hannibal, Twin Peaks print, Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, Chris Gore

Very, very soon (in less than two weeks, to be exact), we’ll start to get the complete, official panel schedule for WonderCon — and between now and then, we also expect to see the complete list and map of exhibitors, and more (plus, there’s still food trucks to be revealed!). What that means is that there’s not much time before we won’t have to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle of what this year’s convention is shaping up to be.

But for now, we’ve got news on Hannibal‘s odds of an appearance, Twin Peaks and Spider-Woman prints, panels, exhibitors, artists, and more.

Here’s some news you might have missed:

  • Artist Peter Nguyen lists WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con on his convention schedule for this year. For those interested in commissions, you can find more information on his deviantart page.
  • Artist Nigel Sade also lists both WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con on his list of scheduled appearances for this year.
  • Sorry Hannibal fans, but it doesn’t look like the series will be at WonderCon this year. The DeLaurentiis Company who produces Hannibal told a fan on Twitter that they haven’t heard that they’ll be attending (which at this point, we would presume means they aren’t). But there’s some good news — the reasoning is because they’ll still be shooting in Toronto, to be ready for the June 4 premiere date on NBC.

  • Comic book writer Bart Alexander Thompson will also be at both WonderCon (in booth #SP082) and SDCC 2015.
  • Artist Katya Bowser showed off two of her latest prints, featuring Spider-Woman and Silk, on her tumblr. Both prints will be available at WonderCon, along with four more who have yet to be revealed.


  • Comic-Con International is continuing to slowly reveal the WonderCon panel schedule, with the latest addition being Image Comics’ action-packed schedule. You won’t want to miss “Image Comics: Where Creators Own Everything” featuring Ed Brubaker, Eric Stephenson, Robert Kirkman, Becky Cloonan, David Lapham, and Rick Remember “as they discuss their decision to launch creator-owned series” on Saturday, April 4, in Room 300DE. With Kirkman in attendance, hopefully we’ll also be getting some Skybound and The Walking Dead panels as well. You can find the complete schedule for Image Comics’ at WonderCon on The Toucan Blog.

image comics logo

  • Gamers and game developers should proceed to Room 209 on Saturday, April 4, from 6PM-7PM for the “Be Impactful in Game Development” panel, featuring Genese David, Adam Littledale, Emilia Schatz, Jacob Black, and George Ziets.

  • The nationally best-selling sci-fi authors, The Winner Twins, will also have a panel on Sunday at 3:30, alongside Battlestar Galactica actor Richard Hatch and author Steve-Elliot Altman.

  • Artist Jamie Sullivan will have a special Twin Peaks 25th Anniversary exclusive print available only at WonderCon. He shared a preliminary pencil drawing of the print on Facebook, though the final version will be inked.

twin peaks print

  • Graphic artist and illustrator Craig Drake revealed on Twitter that he’ll be signing autographs at WonderCon. If you haven’t checked out Drake’s awesome design work, we’ve got one question for you: Why not?

Craig Drake design
Craig Drake design
  • Where can you find Drake? Probably at the Hero Complex Gallery booth, as the company mentioned on Twitter.

  • Comedians reading fan fiction — what could go wrong? Stop by on Friday, April 3, from 6:30PM-7:30PM for “Fan Fic Theatre with Chris Gore“, where the PodCRASH host and performers such as Adrianne Curry, Ivy Doomkitty, Giselle B., Matt Keil, and more will read aloud “the weirdest and wildest fan fiction found on the internet”.

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