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WonderCon Moving to Los Angeles For 2016 [UPDATE: Dates Set for March 25-27]

wondercon bannerEven with a full weekend of panels, movie screenings, cosplay, and more — WonderCon saved the biggest news for last. In the Talk Back panel, which closes out the convention annually and where attendees can ask Comic-Con International officials questions and offer feedback, a fan asked if the convention would be returning to Anaheim next year.

And the answer, it turns out, is no — likely due to planned construction to the Anaheim Convention Center and its expansion, which breaks ground in October. Instead, it will be moving to Los Angeles, specifically to the Los Angeles Convention Center. No word on dates yet, though unofficially, we’ve heard Easter weekend is likely again, which would place the convention at March 25-27, 2016. [UPDATE] Comic-Con International’s WonderCon homepage now confirms these dates.

Several attendees caught the news in the panel and shared it on Twitter:

This won’t be the first move for the convention, which was previously held in Oakland from 1987-2002, San Francisco from 2003-2011, and then to Anaheim, where its been through this year. In a follow-up question, Comic-Con International also revealed that they’ve only signed a one-year contract with LA, so it’s possible the convention could move again in 2017.

We’ve heard that a full announcement could be coming tomorrow. We’ll post more as we find out additional details.

What do you think about WonderCon’s move to Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments.

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