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Under the Tents: Gravity Falls, Star Wars print, Metal Gear Solid, Ninjabot, Susan Eisenberg

What exclusive prints will be headed towards SDCC? Which Disney XD series is headed back to Comic-Con? We’ve got the answers to these, and a lot more (like an adorable Star Wars print) in today’s edition of Under the Tents.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • The Ninjabot, the makers of some very cool, “geeky, nerdy, artsy prints” revealed an SDCC 2015 limited edition exclusive poster on their site.  The print is for Blade Runner, one of their favorite movies.  Only 40 will be made, all numbered and signed.  This will be for sale at Small Press Table L-08.
Ninjabot SDCC 2015 Limited Edition Blade Runner Print
Ninjabot SDCC 2015 Limited Edition Blade Runner Print
  • The Grant Ward Warriors, a fan community dedicated to following Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Grant Ward, announced on Twitter that their fan meet up for SDCC is full.  RSVP confirmation emails should have been received at this point.  Any previous RSVPs that didn’t receive their confirmation should contact the Twitter account.  No new RSVPs will be taken.

  • Alex Hirsch, creator and voice actor for the animated TV show Gravity Falls, posted on Twitter that there will be a Gravity Falls panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Hirsch also jokes about him and Jason Ritter playing shirtless volleyball. Don’t toy with our emotions, Hirsch.

  • Artist Mike Mitchell posted on Instagram a Comic-Con exclusive print of Star Wars’s Greedo, doing a little SDCC shopping of his own. Frickin adorable.
Mike Mitchell Exclusive Greedo Print
Mike Mitchell Exclusive Greedo Print
  • Freelance comic book artist, designer, and illustrator, Andrew Griffith, posted on his Twitter that will be at Comic-Con this summer in Artist Alley for the first time at table DD-05. Griffith is currently working on the Transformers comics for IDW Publishing.

  • Viva Wonder Woman, costume designer, cosplayer, and charity volunteer, posted on her Instagram that she will be at SDCC 2015 at the Desert Winds Enterprises Booth #4201.
Viva Wonder Woman at SDCC
Viva Wonder Woman at SDCC
  • Leigh Bardugo, New York Times best selling author, responded on Twitter that she will be at SDCC 2015. She wrote the books Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising.

  • An interesting ad has appeared on the Auditions Free website.  “A very popular cable network” is looking for a set of identical twins to work at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and Saturday to promote the cable network.
  • Illustrator Dan Veesenmeyer posted on Twitter artwork that he is working on for SDCC, featuring a LEGO sketch comic cover of Harley Quinn and Power Girl.


  • Paolo Rivera, a comic book artist known for his work on The Valiant, teased on Twitter that he’s currently painting his “favorite thing. Ever”. Though Rivera can’t say exactly what or who that might be, he did mention that he’s hoping it will debut at Comic-Con.

  • Eva Volin mentioned via Twitter that she will be part of a Best/Worst Manga panel during SDCC.

  • And speaking of panels, comic artist Darryl Ayo revealed that he will be on a panel on Saturday, July 11 at 2PM called How to Break Out of Comics.

  • Adam Bray, the co-author of Ultimate Star Wars, announced via Twitter that he will be at SDCC this year.

  • needs your help in deciding on some of their Comic-Con merch. The company is deciding whether or not to bring leather dice bags to the convention, and need your opinion on a few things. You can help them out by visiting Facebook.


  • Artist Daniel Danger of Tiny Media Empire hinted on Twitter that he was working hard on something for Comic-Con that he couldn’t show anything for.

  • Skullgirls developer Alpha Gamboa showed off some artwork they’ll be giving away at upcoming conventions, including, you guessed it, SDCC.

  • Voice actor Susan Eisenberg, best known for playing Wonder Woman in the Justic League and several other WB Home Entertainment films, announced on Twitter that she’ll be doing some autograph signings at Comic-Con. More details to come.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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