Update on SDCC 2016 Badge Shipping for Attendees with Multiple Buyers

SDCC Badges White BackgroundIf you were an attendee who had multiple buyers purchase your badge (meaning that one buyer purchased, say, Thursday and Sunday for you in Preregistration, and a second buyer was able to add Friday and Saturday for you in Open Registration) — Comic-Con International has good news for you.

Tonight, they began to send out e-mails to users in that unique situation that they “will be shipping badges that were purchased for you by multiple buyers to your address directly! Your badges will not be sent to multiple buyers and you will not need to coordinate badge pick-up from multiple buyers.”

From a logistics standpoint, that’s great news, as it means less coordination, and that you can easily consolidate your badge rather than having to go through that process on-site. Earlier this year, when we asked Comic-Con International’s David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for CCI, we were told that this scenario wouldn’t impact a large number of attendees.

At the time, Glanzer said, “Based on data provided to us from EPIC Registration, less than 1% of our total number of attendees fell under the ‘multiple buyer’ situation in 2015.”

There’s no word on if that “less than 1%” statistic held for 2016, but for those impacted, simply log into your Member ID to review your current address, and if changes are needed, update your address from the My Account Tab prior to June 10, 2016.

What’s curious about this announcement is that it implies that CCI is fully capable of mailing the new RFID badges directly to the owner of the Member ID that each badge belongs to, rather than to the buyer — meaning why aren’t they doing this for all attendees? Is it a cost issue? Did they simply think they were more likely to get accurate, current addresses by making buyers fill one out during payment rather than relying on 130,000 attendees to check their Member IDs to make sure it was updated and valid?

Either way, this is good news for attendees, and hopefully a sign that badges will be mailed not too long after the June 10 cutoff date.

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