Ben Affleck Confirms San Diego Comic-Con Appearance

GeekShot Exclusive Series Week 33 – Ben Affleck Henry Cavill Gal Godot Chris Hardwick Batman Superman Wonder WomanLooks like actor Ben Affleck is headed back to the Hall H stage again this year for San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Over the weekend, x17onlineVideo posted footage of Affleck leaving the airport and signing autographs. The following exchange happened, around the 17 second mark in the video below:

Guy: Will you be at Comic-Con, Sir?

Affleck: Yep, we’ll be there.

We already know that Suicide Squad, which Affleck appears in, will be holding a Hall H panel during the convention — so it could be that he’s only appearing to promote that. But given that WB seems likely to want to push their entire upcoming slate of DC films (which includes the currently-filming Justice League, and the already-wrapped Wonder Woman), we could be looking at a much larger DC presence in the WB panel.

Here’s a look at the video:

Are you excited about Ben Affleck coming back to San Diego Comic-Con this year? Let us know in the comments.

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