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Action Lab Entertainment San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Signings


In addition to a slew of awesome exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Action Lab is bringing an army of creators along for the rid, who will be signing at Booth #1735 and Action Lab: Danger Zone at Booth #2006 in the Independent Publishers Pavilion.. The list includes everyone from our favorite maker of fancy norwals in Katie Cook to Nutmeg‘s James Wright.

Here’s a look at this year’s signings, with the exact schedule to be found at their booth during the con:

  • Franco Aureliani (creator and writer of Spot On Adventure)
  • Steve Bryant (creator of Athena Voltaire, Writer of Ghoul Scouts: Night of the Unliving Undead)
  • Juan Castro (inker of Molly Danger)
  • Katie Cook (Creator of Gronk)
  • Nicole D’Andria ( editor, writer of Miraculous)
  • Dave Dwonch ( creator, writer of Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab, writer of Vamplets)
  • Axur Eneas (artist of  The Adventures Aero-Girl, Sleigher:The Heavy Metal Santa Claus)
  • Shawn Gabborin (writer of Puppet Master, co-writer of Actionverse)
  • Ray-Anthony Height (creator and Artist of Midnight Tiger, Actionverse)
  • Josh S. Henaman (writer, co-creator of Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman)
  • Brian Hess (artist and co-creator of Awake)
  • Jamal Igle (creator of Molly Danger, co-writer of Actionverse, co-creator,artist of Venture)
  • Enrica Jang writer of The House of Montressor, Editor of the 21 Club)
  • Daniel Logan (artist of Puppet Master: Halloween1989, Ghost Town)
  • Nick Marino ( writer, co-creator of Holy F*ck and Holy F*cked)
  • Emily Martin (artist of Princeless)
  • Jason Martin (creator, writer of Vampblade, co-writer of Zombie Tramp, Night of the 80’s Undead)
  • Michael Martin (writer, co-creator of Blood and Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny)
  • Bill McKay (cover artist of Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, Artist of  Night of the 80’s Undead)
  • Dan Mendoza (creator,writer, Artist of Zombie Tramp)
  • John Perez (creator, writer of  Archon: Battle of the Dragon)
  • John Reilly (writer, co-creator of the recently optioned Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla)
  • Giulie Speziani (writer, Co-creator of Cash and Carrie)
  • Gary Turner (writer, creator of I, Mage)
  • James Wright (writer, co-creator of Nutmeg)
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