‘Stitchers’ Headed to Comic-Con – What It Means for Freeform’s Presence

After a lengthy absence, Freeform (formerly ABC Family) dipped their toe back into having a San Diego Comic-Con presence last year with the now-cancelled Dead of Summer. This year, though, they seem poised to dive all-in.

On a recent Facebook Live videocast with the Stitchers cast, actor Damon Dayoub, who plays Detective Quincy Fisher on the series, said, “We’re going to Comic-Con in July.” There’s not really any other way to interpret that – and this will be the first time that Stitchers has made it to San Diego, though they have been to WonderCon in the past. Expect cast and creatives to be on hand to offer a look into the third season, which is currently airing.

But that may not be all that Freeform brings. Like StitchersShadowhunters has only made an appearance at WonderCon in the past, due to production schedules. But new this year, with the second half of the season currently running through June – meaning they should have footage they could show and promote. To add credence to this theory, TV Insider’s Jim Halterman told a fan on Twitter that we could expect more news on the series “definitely at #SDCC2017”.


That’s not confirmation for Shadowhunters, but it makes sense that Freeform would want to go big this year. The network has also picked up two new Marvel TV shows, including Cloak and Dagger which is about two teenagers from very different backgrounds that get superpowers, and New Warriors which follows six young people who live and work together to make a difference in the world. Both Marvel shows have a 2018 premiere date, which may mean they’re too far out to promote this year – but Cloak and Dagger at least has a pilot shot, so we could easily see Cloak getting a full panel, with perhaps some New Warriors news sprinkled on the end.

At the very least, it appears that we’re getting Stitchers – which in a year where it feels like a lot of things aren’t attending the convention, it’s nice to know we’re getting some fresh blood in as well.

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