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Hilton Bayfront Lawn Offsites Being Built for San Diego Comic-Con [UPDATE]

The Hilton Bayfront lawn is always a very busy space — and this year it will be home to FXHibition (with a Legion VR station), FOX offsites (including the already-announced Mutant Testing Center), and Adult Swim. You can’t spell Comic-Con without the Meatwad Dome, after all. (Okay, that is a bold-faced lie).

[UPDATE #3] There’s been progress on the Adult Swim offsite, where a lot of the signage and some of the activations are now up.

Additionally, there’s some progress on the Ghosted laser tag and FXhibition:


There’s a lot of work being done on the Bayfront lawn, including for what we now know is a Ghosted laser tag experience.

There’s also something for a still TBA The Orville offsite:

And finally, there’s a lot of work being done on FXhibition:


Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons brings us a look at what’s been done since earlier today. Things are starting to come together for FXhibition and FOX.

Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons has your first look at all of the above. Let’s start with The Gifted‘s Mutant Testing Center, because, yes.

Then, let’s move on the FXhibition, which will have an Archer Wet Bar to get your water on (sorry, it’s not alcohol!), a Legion VR experience, an American Horror Story zoetrope, and more.

And finally, there’s Adult Swim. Or as we like to call it, the annual, “Wow, they really got their money out of Meatwad Dome.” (We kid, okay? We really love Meatwad Dome and Adult Swim).

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