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Progress Slowly Begins at Petco Interactive Zone for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 [UPDATE]

Things are very slowly coming together at the Petco Interactive Zone — which we know will include everything from a Blizzard The Lich King Ice Cream Citadel to FANDOM FESTShawn Marshall of Parks and Cons snagged these photos of  the offsite coming together.

[UPDATE #3] The building that looked like an ice cream parlor is — indeed — an ice cream parlor. The Blizzard Lich King Ice Cream Citadel is mostly set up now with signage:

As well as a general sign for the Petco Interactive Zone:

[UPDATE #2] Work continues over at the Petco Interactive Zone, where there’s now signage up for the Skyrocket Recoil laser tag.

There’s also a few other updates on the rest of the space:

[UPDATE] We just have an update that will give you nightmares tonight, it’s all good.

Thursday-Sunday, those who are brave enough can hop on the creepiest school bus in town: an IT-inspired virtual reality installation that will have them skipping school for the foreseeable future. The bus and FLOAT: A Cinematic VR Experience will be located at the Interactive Zone across from Petco Park, and you don’t require a badge to attend.

Here’s a look at the scariest bus in town (hahaha, nope):

[PREVIOUS] Could this be a look at the Blizzard Ice Cream Citadel? It certainly looks like it could double as an ice cream storefront:

And here’s a look at the rest of the offsite, slowly coming together:

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