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Under the Tents: Funko, Mezco, toddland, DKE, Brimstone, BeKyoot

It was a busy weekend for San Diego Comic-Con news. The use of the Online Exclusives Portal for autographs was confirmed, we know about a cool new Ghostbusters virtual reality experience coming to Petco, and our site even got a refreshed look. But that’s not all that happened. No, we got updates on when we’ll start getting Funko’s exclusives reveals, news that a pro wrestler will be signing autographs, and the possibility of a whole new system from our friends at toddland.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Hiedi MacDonald, Editor-in-Chief for The Beat, posted on Twitter that they are looking for journalists for SDCC. This would be a paid writing assignment and people interested can contact her via Twitter or the email address in the link.

  • During a Funko Q&A on Twitter they answered that Comic-Con exclusives will be revealed after E3 has ended. The gaming convention runs June 12-14, so you won’t be getting any reveals this week.

  • But mid Q&A Funko still tweeted an exclusive tease. It looks like Killer Moth and Silkie from Teen Titans Go! could be coming to San Diego this summer.

  • Toddland mentioned on Twitter a possible schedule for releasing SDCC exclusives with Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers being on different days. Stay tuned to his Twitter and our coverage once things have been finalized. There are also plans for a new pre-order pickup system to speed up the check out process. We like the sound of #alltheipads!

  • Crochet artist Jennifer Nolan revealed a picture of her over two-foot-long Haku the dragon from Spirited Away she will have on display at the SDCC art show.

  • Mezco Toyz has tweeted that summer 2018 exclusives are coming soon. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Artists Shane Pierce, Steve Bryant and Tom Raney have each posted on Twitter their SDCC 2018 commissions are open. Follow the links and contact them ASAP if interested.

  • Designer Jim Mahfood has revealed on Twitter the CHEWBEE figure from the WOOKIE HASH PIPE series will be available from DKE at Comic-Con this summer. They are will hand painted and limited to 50 pieces .

  • DC, Dark Horse and Marvel artist and writer Aaron Lopresti revealed a look at his third SDCC print available at the convention, as well as available by order before the show.

  • Realms of Midrin tweeted they will be demoing their card game at San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Pro-Wrestler and multi-genre artist Brimestone announced on Twitter he will be signing at the Sails Pavilion autograph area table #20 all four days of Comic-Con. Follow the link for the specifics.

  • VP and Editor-in-Chief of Aspen Comics Vince Hernandez responded on Twitter that copies of the Michael Turner Legacy book will be available for purchase at SDCC.

  • Kikidoodle and Purrmaids will be back at Comic-Con with a bigger booth. We don’t have a number yet, but it will be next to Artist Alley and the fantasy artist section.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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