Announced Autograph and Signing Schedule For SDCC 2018

Photo by Robert Warners

Welcome to our fifth annual SDCC Autograph and Signing Schedule page for 2018!

Every year San Diego Comic-Con International brings some amazing talent to its hallowed halls of geekdom. From artists and authors to comics and celebrity entertainment. Many talented individuals gather under the roof of the Convention Center to mingle with fans from all over the world. Whether you go to the Con for comics and artists, celebrity filled panels or for the experience, one of the many great moments you can have are the autograph and signing events that take place there every year.

With so much going on it can be hard to keep track of everything within the convention center walls. We have found that finding a single source of autograph information for Comic-Con seems to be a struggle. Most autograph session information is spread out over the vast reaches of the internet. This makes it hard for the con-goer.

So, we’ve tried to make it easier for you.  This page will house all the links to our autograph sections. We have divided the signing event information for ease of use. We hope our autograph pages will help make planning your Con an easier experience.

Autograph Link Menu
Click the links below for our compiled list of autograph information:

Comics and Artists  [UPDATE July 16] 
Celebrity Entertainment [UPDATE July 16] 
Publishers and Authors [UPDATE July 16] 
Other Autograph and Signings [UPDATE July 16] 
Offsite Autograph and Signings [UPDATE July 16] 

As we move closer to SDCC 2018, this page will be updated frequently with any new information or news that we find. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Is there anything we missed? Leave us a comment.

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