WonderPost: Plotless Comics, Veronica Casson, Squidbrains, Hollywood Horror Museum

The slow trickle of WonderCon news has turned into a babbling brook of announcements and teases. The successful Kickstarter game Buy The Rights, Cinema Makeup School, artist Megan Porch, and so many more have shared their plans this week.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Interstait Laser Cut Gifts has announced they will be at WonderCon with their special array of geeky gifts from all across the galaxy. Their dainty stud earrings will make any fanboy or fangirl say “Awwww.”


  • Artist Lindsey Reimer shared a brief peek at one of her new notepad designs she will have for sale at WonderCon. Lindsey’s art is both whimsical and striking, and totally worth checking out.


  • Cinema Makeup School will be hosting demonstrations at their WonderCon booth all weekend. Students and alumni are invited to apply to participate.


  • Monster Comic Books out of Arizona has posted their convention schedule for 2019, and it includes WonderCon! If you have a list of back issues or current books you need, you’ll want to make a beeline for their booth.


  • Creators of the independent comic book Biopunks will have a table at WonderCon. Stop by to check out their very diverse sci-fi comic book.


  • Independent comic creator, Allen Carter of Carter Comics is celebrating his sixth time tabling at WonderCon. You can RSVP on Facebook to tell him you’ll be swinging by!

  • Comic writer and artist Megan Porch is positively flailing with excitement about attending WonderCon. Trust us Megan, the feeling is mutual.

  • Artist Jenna Gray is open to suggestions for prints that you’d like her to bring to WonderCon, as well as taking commission requests. Jenna’s art spans a lot of styles and fandoms but is always a treat to see.


  • The Hollywood Horror Museum isn’t quite ready for visitors yet but their booth at WonderCon will give you a taste of what they are all about and when you may be able to darken their doorstep.

  • Think you have the skills to pitch the next great blockbuster film? Buy the Rights is a fast-paced party game that’s all about pitching movies. They will be in Anaheim to show off and play test their successfully funded Kickstarter game.

  • Jungle Boy Productions always has a great selection of pop culture items and apparel, but this Game of Thrones Hound inspired shirt is a guaranteed buy. It will be available at WonderCon in March.


  • Artist Veronica Casson of Salt and Fog will be attending WonderCon. She has a wide variety of prints and comics that you’ll want to check out, from all corners of the fandom.

  • Artist “Squidbrains” Jillian Altmeyer has been working hard to prepare for WonderCon and will be opening up commission spots in the coming month. Turn on those Instagram notification so you can get the jump on them when they open up.


  • And lest you ever think these cons don’t have enough comics, Plotless Comics has announced that issue #5 of their series Rabbit-Walrus will debut at their booth at WonderCon. Be sure to check out their meld of humor and violence featuring two very different types of animals.

What did we miss? What are you looking forward to? Drop your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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