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WonderPost: J. Scott Campbell, Food Trucks, Monkey Minion Press, Val Hochberg, Brian Michael Bendis

We are T-minus 32 days away from WonderCon 2019 (and the many food trucks) — and while we fully expect Comic-Con International to start their 30 days of tips and news leading up to the convention this week, we’ve got a jumpstart for those of you interested in which food trucks might be in attendance; scoring commissions, prints, and original art; and finding your favorite artists and exhibitors at this year’s convention.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Wondering which food trucks will be at WonderCon this year? While no one has outright confirmed their appearance yet (likely waiting for CCI to either confirm or announce), we did a little sleuthing for you. Meat Up BBQ has “Potential Wonder-Con” listed on the calendar, as does The Viking Truck. Burger Monster lists a “tentative hold” on the WonderCon dates on their calendar. We’re sure there will be lots of additions and confirmations soon.

  • Comic book artist J. Scott Campbell is kicking off his 2019 convention appearances with both Emerald City and WonderCon. You can catch him at Booth #1019 with “yet-to-be-announced exclusives”, signed comics, art books, sketch books, and more.

  • David Lucarelli, writer of Tinseltown and The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, will be exhibiting at WonderCon this year.

  • Monkey Minion Press always has some amazing space-themed prints available, and 2019 will be no different. This year they’ve created a new “Ad Astra” print, which will see just 50 pieces spread between a few conventions — but WonderCon is on the list.

  • But that isn’t the only print Monkey Minion Press is bringing to the convention. They’ll also be bringing a new Fallout print, inspired by old Coca-Cola ads.

  • The tabletop and card game company No Limit Games is heading to WonderCon, where you’ll hopefully get to play some of their latest games.

  • You can catch artist Mike Mayhew at WonderCon this year, at the KRS Comics Booth #709. He’ll have original art and collectibles, and also be signing books and doing remarks.

  • Artist and illustrator Irene Flores has been busy creating new pieces to debut at WonderCon, like this beautiful Game of Thrones Sansa Stark piece.

  • It’s bad news bears for fans of Brian Michael Bendis: The prolific writer and author won’t be attending WonderCon this year.

  • Speaking of commissions, artist Lydia Anslow will be exhibiting at WonderCon B-44, where she’ll be doing on-site commissions on Friday and Saturday as time permits. If you want to be sure you get a commission, you can join her pre-commission list to pick up your piece at the convention. Find more information on tumblr.
  •  Content creators Matt Knowles, Stephanie Cannon, and Luke Martinez are heading to WonderCon to represent their collective InSymmertry Creations, as well as The Ascendant and Heirs.

  • Publisher and entertainment company D.I.Y. Entertainment are heading back to WonderCon this year, where they’ll have new books and more.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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