WonderCon Anaheim Panel Room Capacities

Now that WonderCon Anaheim’s complete programming schedule is out, you might be looking at the panels you want to attend and wondering: What are my odds of making it into that room, and how early do I need to get there? The real answer is that you first need to know how big the panel rooms are.

Here’s a look the capacities for each panel room:

Arena: 7,500

North 200A: 1,000

North 200B: 800

Room 204C: 299

Room 206B: 164

Room 207: 789

Room 208: 294

Room 209: 323

Room 210: 814

Room 211: 272

Room 213AB: 376

Room 213CD: 413

Room 300B: 763

Room 300D: 763

It’s worth noting that these numbers may not be exact – but this should give you a good idea of what to expect.

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