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Under the Tents: Impractical Jokers, Dan Veesenmeyer, Fantagraphics Books, BeKyoot, Inki Drop, Penguin Random House

We have a fully-stocked edition of Under the Tents for you this morning — with Trader Sam’s x Star Wars prints, confirmation of a certain Block Party, so many amazing prints and originals from amazing artists, and a truly epic line-up from Fantagraphics Books. And that’s just to start.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • If you’ve been waiting on official, public confirmation of The Impractical Jokers Block Party returning — here it is. Straight from an Impractical Joker himself, James Murr.

  • This donut from Jungle Boy Productions just wants to live its best life. You can peep the new line at SDCC next month at Booth #1417.–NC6g0AY/

  • Artist Todd Nauck, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Burrito!Peter Parker lookalike, has opened his commissions list for SDCC 2019, with prices starting at just $50 for a black and white 7″x10″ head shot. Find more information on his site.

  • Something is starting, right now. Something is starting, oh wow. And it’s these adorable My Little Pony 6″x9″ watercolors from Diana Leto, which will be at SDCC. Leto has also been working on a Tink original.

  • We are waiting with baited breath for Penguin Random House’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 signing schedule, and based on this tweet from Logan Balestrino, it’s coming together.

  • We’ve been loving artist Morgan Gill’s Stained Glass series of prints heading to SDCC, and this Sun 11″x17″ piece is FIRE. You can see it in person at Artists’ Alley HH-07.

  • If tiny adorable things are your jam, then be sure to check out Booth #1703 for these Inki Drop SDCC exclusive Rainbow Metallic Finish Norwhal pins. They’re limited to only 100 pieces, so better hurry.

  • Hanging Chad Entertainment will have two new comics for SDCC next month — The Adventures of Mighty Moose #5 and Justice Squad #2. Head to Small Press L-09 to check them out.

  • Our friends at BeKyoot are busy creating all new adorable postcards, booth menus, stickers, and pinbackers for you. You’re definitely going to want to add Booth #2449 to your list.

  • What a line-up! Fantagraphics Books will have a host of talent at Booth #1721, including Mary Fleener, Paco Roca, Ulli Lust, Stan Sakai, Hernandez Bros., Simon Hanselmann, Ezra Clayton Daniels, and MORE still to be announced. Holy wow.

  • If you want to get your hands on these Lea Hernadez Seidman Witch Bunny enamel pins in time for Comic-Con, you better hurry.

  • Artist Dave Correia showed off a brand new oil painting heading for the Comic-Con International Art Show.

  • Unfortunately, artist Diana Greenhalgh won’t be able to take pre-convention commissions this year. But, catch her at Artists’ Alley BB-10 on-site and get on the list.

  • Jin Yung Kim has a gorgeous new SDCC exclusive print heading to the convention, in honor of 35 years of Transformers. You can pick-up The Rise and Fall of Prime at Artists’ Alley CC-08.

  • Kimi E Crafts will be doing art drops at Comic-Con, including this amazing Sorcerer Mickey piece.

  • It’s not a trap — it’s a trip! LEGO artist Dan Veesenmeyer has several new prints for San Diego Comic-Con next month, including this tiki-themed Akbar, and a new Kingdom Hearts Sora print. TWO SHOTS OF RUM! Catch Veesenmeyer at Artists’ Alley HH-23.

  • NSURGO teased something they’ve got going on at Booth #5601 next month.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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