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Comic-Con International Unveils Official Autograph Schedule for Sails Pavilion for 2019

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We get a lot of questions about autographs, and the sad truth is, there is no easy answer. Almost every autograph session and booth has their own rules for how the autographs are run — including Comic-Con International, with their groupindividual, and limited autograph signings. These are all signings taking place up in the Sails Pavilion.

Let’s break CCI’s autographs up into two groups. The first, groups and individuals, are exactly what they sound like. It’s people like Ben Browder, Gigi Edgley, Asher Angel, Clare Kramer, J. Michael Straczynski, the writers of Elfquest, Sam Sykes, and more.

Some of these, though not all, will charge a fee for an autograph. You may not know until you physically get to Sails where they’ll be signing at their given time — but all of them are required to sign one copy of the Souvenir Program book for any fan at no charge. If there are any special rules for the signing, they will be listed, so read carefully.

Then there are the limited signings — which is where things get a little more complicated. These signings basically require you to have/pull a ticket in order to either come back for a signing later in the day. Drawings are held beginning at 9AM (or a little earlier) in the Autograph Area in the Sails Pavilion each morning. This includes signings for DuckTales, Frank Miller and Cursed, Van Helsing, The Order, The Expanse, The Man in the High Castle, Cartoon Network, and more.

There’s also the drawings for the Horton Grand panels. It’s the same general process: Arrive early, draw ticket, and if you’re a winner, you get two assigned seats at the Horton.

For information on all other autograph signings, be sure to check out our Announced Autographs & Signings List for San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Good luck!

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