Hall H Wristbands Return for San Diego Comic-Con 2019 [UPDATE]

With the full schedule out, there’s a lot of questions about how line-up for Hall H panels will work – and CCI has provided some (but not all) answers.

For the fourth year, CCI will once again be utilizing Hall H wristbands.  For those that aren’t familiar, at a certain point the day before, CCI will begin handing out Hall H wristbands for the following day to the Next Day Line (NDL), which is on the move this year. Here’s the new location, which is basically just further around back of the convention center from the previous location of the line. Look for the green flag marker:

And here are the times for distribution:

Wednesday, July 18: Wristband distribution for Thursday panels in Hall H will begin at 8:00 PM in the general Hall H line in Plaza Park.

Thursday, July 19: Wristband distribution for Friday panels in Hall H will begin at 6:15 PM at the front of the Next Day Line.

Friday, July 20: Wristband distribution for Saturday panels in Hall H will begin at 8:45 PM at the front of the Next Day Line.

Saturday, July 21: Wristband distribution for Sunday panels in Hall H will begin at 9:30 PM at the front of the Next Day Line.

Wristband distribution will continue until 7:30AM, or until all wristbands have been given out, whichever comes first.

The wristbands will be broken up into color “zones”. You’ll need a wristband to be able to get into the first panel of the following day. Line Staff will first verify you have a badge for that day’s programming which you’re trying to get a wristband for, and then will scan your badge prior to you leaving the line. The scanning staff will “verify that your wristband is secure and then scan your badge for the next morning’s first seating of Hall H”. Then, when you enter Hall H the next morning, your badge will be scanned again. This should essentially stop anyone from camping out and then selling their wristband, or giving it to someone else. It sounds like a barcode will work in place of a badge if you haven’t received your badge yet.

Once you have your wristband, you have two choices – you and your group can either leave the line completely and go sleep in that bed you’ve paid an exorbitant amount of money for, knowing that you’ll make it into the panel the next day… or your whole group or at least one person in your group can stay. If you leave, you’ll still make it into the panel the next day so long as you return by 7:30AM – but if no one stays to “hold” your place in line, you’ll be heading to the end of the wristbanded section.

If you or someone in your group stays, there are a few stipulations. You can’t “hold” spaces for more than five individuals at a time. Any additional people beyond those 5 will be asked to leave and may rejoin the end of the Next Day Line. Again, you’ll still all need to return by 7:30AM, or you forfeit your guarantee to make it into the panel.

You can read all of this year’s rules on CCI’s site.

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