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Hasbro Pulse Fan Vote Will Decide Marvel Legends Exclusive Sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2020

While Toy Fair New York used to be the first place to hear news of many San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, as toymakers have expanded into more chase figures, retail exclusives, and other conventions, San Diego Comic-Con exclusives have mostly fallen off the list of things retailers are excited to show off at that event. However, Hasbro is here with some news for you — and they want your vote.

Multiple sources report that Hasbro announced today that the current Hasbro Pulse Fan Vote asking members to choose their favorite Marvel Legends figure will both have the winning figure announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2020, and also sold at the con. Hasbro Pulse’s site notes only that the figure will be announced and made available for purchase in “Summer 2020”, but San Diego Comic-Con makes sense.

For the vote, which lasts through Friday February 28 at 9PM ET, Hasbro Pulse members can choose between three powerful female figures: Lady Sif (who comes with her enchanted sword), Silk (with interchangeable hands including one shooting webs from her fingertips, and an interchangeable head), and Elektra (who comes with a katana and daggers).

Vote now for your favorite, and see the three designs below.

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