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WonderCon Online WonderPost: Fat Rabbit Farm, Val Hochberg, California Browncoats, Mai Van, Nick Kremenek

With WonderCon postponed indefinitely, we’re putting our focus into WonderCon Online. We’ll be hosting a virtual tele-cast on Saturday, April 11 — and we’ve already put together a resource for how to shop WonderCon Artist Alley and some other vendors. While WonderCon not happening this spring is sad for everyone, it’s especially devastating for artists and small vendors who were likely relying on these cons to help make ends meet. So go shop these wonderful artists and vendors from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Toss a coin to your Witcher… You actually can toss a coin to your Witcher with the help of Nick Kremenek’s awesome The Witcher coin, available on his Etsy.

  • Artist Faheema Chaudhury, also known as Unicorn Crafts, is offering 20% off online orders with the code SUPPORT . Go purchase pins, jewelry, prints, and more from her shop now.


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Dear FRF Family, We sincerely hope everyone is safe and healthy. We know you probably don’t want to hear another darn thing about COVID-19 and how its affecting people. Although we know everyone will get through this under any circumstance, our hearts go out to all those affected by this.

With broken hearts, we need to share with you all some important news about our small business. Over the past 13 years, you guys have allowed us to create these wonderful and inspiring characters to share with you all to enjoy. A lot of you have been fans with us since day one and that means the world to us. With recent news of California and other states putting bans on all events for at least the next two months, this will more than likely put us to the ground. We wish there was another way to say this. But that’s the reality of it. These two upcoming months were one of the busiest times for us, with lots of financial preparation invested into these events that have now been cancelled. We want to and HAVE to stay positive about everything of course. It’s almost surreal how much the impact is affecting so many aspects of people’s lives. It’s like Thanos just snapped his fingers and half of us are gone at an instance. Just like that.

We don’t want to close the doors on Babee and Pandi, especially in times like this. We want to keep fighting. Happiness, love, laughs and smiles is all we have to get everyone through the day. It’s hard for us to keep a smile at times like this and we look forward to smiling times again. Going by the rate things are at the moment, we will not be able to keep a roof over our heads for long. We have already been looking for alternative sources of income to get by, but that will take some time. With not much to no aid at all for small businesses going through times like this, we need your support more than ever! We hope, if you can, you could support us and what we have built for over past 13 years and keep us going through this. (Cont. in comment)

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  • This would have been artist Rio Burton’s first year exhibiting at WonderCon — so go show her and her work some love by shopping her online store.

  • MSK, also known as Eyebleed Pink, is currently offering commissions through Kofi to help offset the losses of the cancelled con.

  • We love the adorable chibi world of Val Hochberg — and be sure to keep an eye out in the coming days/weeks for these cutie stickers, magnets, and charms coming to her online shop.

  • No one does out-of-this-world space-themed artwork quite like Monkey Minion, and Dane has done it again with a limited edition SSV Normandy Mass Effect 12×36 Spaceship print. It retails for $75, and is limited to 100 pieces — and you can purchase it now.

  • California-based artist Limpachi has added new 11×17 prints to her store for #WonderConOnline, so go shop!

  • Looking for some awesome Pride dice for your next tabletop RPG game? HeartBeat Dice is offering 10% off with code Wondercon so get to buying!

  • Author, illustrator, and creator Rhode Montijo will be launching some of his goodies in his online store for #WonderConOnline, but until then, there’s still plenty of fun items to shop for.

  • Artist Mai Van specializes in dinos and space-themed artwork, and there’s plenty of both and more in her online store. Best of all? Get free shipping with code ARTISTALLEY

  • Sarah Leuver offered a sneak peek of her DC-themed prints which will be available in April for #WonderConOnline. Which is your favorite?

  • Artist Michi Doan is offering 10% off online orders over $50 with code WONDERCON20 — and you can even get free shipping with the promo code FREESHIP20 if your order is over $60. Go shop now!

  • Illustrator and creator of adorable things, Glimsprout, has tons of new items available for purchase — including stickers, wood pins, stickers, lanyards, pouches, charms, and more.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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