WonderCon Online 2021 Scavenger Hunt


Prize Mule may not be heading to Anaheim right about now… but we’ve got fun, games, and prizes for you anyway! We’re kicking today off with an Online Scavenger Hunt, with lots of fun prizes!

To enter, simply head here and fill out the answers to all of the questions below! We’ll be giving away prizes randomly all day, so you don’t need to be the first or fastest:

  • Two prize packs from Toddland – choose your favorite t-shirt and pin!
  • Prizes from Priscilla Wilson — including bags, pins, and more!
  • Prize pack of this year’s WonderCon exclusives from Fat Rabbit Farm!
  • SDCC button and pin prize packs

Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally. Non-USA folks are still welcome to play along but cannot win.


1. How many furry friends are on the cover of Joey Spiotto’s book “High Fidelity”?
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/joebot

Answer: 3
Exact link

2. When sorted in reverse alphabetical order, what is the 3rd print in the Monkey Minion store? 
Website: https://www.monkeyminionpress.com

Answer: Wonder Woman Stay Strong
Exact link

3. On Jessica Chrysler “Tribal Princess” Print, how many jewels are in one of Princess Jasmine’s earrings?
Website: https://www.jesschrysler.com

Answer: 6 or 7
Exact link

4. Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat! Does whatever a Spider-Cat does. There are several Spider-Cats on Jenny Parks’ website, but one is SUPERIOR. What color are his ears?
Website: http://www.jennyparks.com

Answer: Orange (red also acceptable)
Exact link

5. Somewhere, over the rainbow sushi roll… you will find this Priscilla Wilson pin. What color is it?
Website: https://valorandvellum.com

Answer: Purple
Exact link

6. In Elsa Chang’s “Stripes” print, what type of animal is at the top?
Website: https://elsasketch.bigcartel.com

Answer: Crocodile (Alligator also acceptable)
Exact link

7. All the colors of the Pride rainbow! What color is the top bun in Toddland’s Pride x Bob’s Burgers merch?
Website: https://www.toddland.com

Answer: Red
Exact link

8. Which Avenger is at the far right in Albert Nguyen’s print “Avengers Over New York”?
Website: https://albert-nguyen-illustration.square.site

Answer: Iron Man
Exact link

9. What color is Cryptozoic’s Midnight Chupacabra’s teeth?
Website: https://cryptozoic.com

Answer: Green
Exact link

10. Good grief! What word does Super7’s Peanuts Spike shirt have written in green across the front?
Website: https://super7.com

Answer: Mood
Exact link

11. How many felt boba do each of Nan Hockin’s original felt boba tea ornaments have?
Website: https://nanhockin.square.site

Answer: 5
Exact link

12. What is the title of Jen Bartel’s patch that features a girl with a crescent moon on her forehead?
Website: https://www.jenbartel.com

Answer: Blame It On The Moon
Exact link

13. How many postcards does Terry Dodson’s Postcard Collection One contain?
Website: https://www.terrydodsonart.com

Answer: 12
Exact link

14. On Martin Hsu 6-pack of “Halloween Cats”, what does the second cat have on its red hat?
Website: https://martinhsu.bigcartel.com

Answer: Pumpkin and ghost
Exact link

15. Time to make some tea and enjoy a graphic novel. What are the colors of the clothes on the only tea art with more than 2 people in it?
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TeacupBee

Answer: Blue, green, and yellow
Exact link

16. On the second page of art from The Adventures of the 19XX, Black Cat is shown from what year?
Website: https://adventuresofthe19xx.storenvy.com

Answer: 1939
Exact link

17. The Little Shop of Pins has a Mario Kart pin collection for sale, how many different pins are available for purchase in that collection?
Website: https://littleshopofpins.com

Answer: 9
Exact link

18. The second featured item offered on the Nerdy Novelty Design home page is an oven mitt featuring what actor?
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NerdyNoveltyDesign

Answer: Jeff Goldblum
Exact link

19. How many greeting cards come in the Bun Bun Bunny Greeting Card Set from Robot Dance Battle?
Website: https://www.robotdancebattle.com

Answer: 6
Exact link

20. What color straws are the Boba Lovers drinking out of in Le Petit Elefant’s print?
Website: https://www.lepetitelefant.com

Answer: Purple and green
Exact link

21. You don’t have to go deep sea diving to see this underwater creature by Henry Liao — but what color is this “Friend”?
Website: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/imhenry66

Answer: Pink
Exact link

22. You can get a collection of artist Chris Uminga’s “Creeps” in his art book. How many watercolor illustrations are included in the book?
Website: https://uminga720.storenvy.com

Answer: 31
Exact link

23. What two movies did Genevieve Tsai combine to come up with for her “Ghost Lightning” print?
Website: https://www.genevievetsai.com

Answer: Ghostbusters and Grease
Exact link

24. Who is the voyager in Chrissie Zullo’s “The Voyager” print?
Website: https://chrissiezullo.storenvy.com

Answer: Moana
Exact link

25. On Mai Van “One Small Step” print, what is written on the flag? 
Website: http://www.artofmaivan.com

Answer: Mine
Exact link

26. Wild Forest Dog Illustration has lots of mermaids and foxes in its shop, but only 1 has both. How many little fishies are in that art?
Website: https://www.wildforestdog.com

Answer: 5
Exact link

27. What do the Chinese characters on the Matsu Moto “Avatar State” art print read? 
Website: https://www.matsumotoart.com

Answer: Water, Earth, Fire, Air
Exact link

28. Halloween in March? Why not? Find the art with multiple witches in the store and tell us what is being held besides brooms.
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JenGrayArt

Answer: Wand and/or box (anything close to those acceptable)
Exact link

29. There is no I in TEAM. But there is a red hat. What’s being dropped in that poster?
Website: https://www.brandikenney.com

Answer: Microphone
Exact link

30. What tasty treat is Wookie Babee enjoying in this Fat Rabbit Farm acrylic keychain?
Website: https://www.fatrabbitfarm.com

Answer: Cookie/chocolate chip cookie
Exact link

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