Under the Dinner Table: Exhibit Floor Hours, Toddland, Yesterdays, Children’s Film Fest

Rather than “Under the Tents”, we’re calling our Comic-Con Special Edition news tidbits “Under the Dinner Table”, because it’s during Thanksgiving weekend. Get it?? Yeah, okay, you got it. We tried, alright?

In our first edition, we’ve got exhibit floor hours, updates on several vendors, some panels, and more.

  • Comic-Con International has quietly unveiled this year’s exhibit floor hours, and they are as follows:
      • Friday, November 26: 12PM-7PM
      • Saturday, November 27: 9AM-7PM
      • Sunday, November 28: 9AM-5PM


  • Start brushing up on your Rock, Paper, Scissors skills because fan favorites Symbiote Studios will be heading to CCSE this November.

  • Colorist Alex Sinclair may not have made the trek to New York Comic-Con this weekend, but he will be at Comic-Con Special Edition in November.

  • Creator and writer David Baron, whose projects include work on Batman, Green Arrow, and Justice League, will be at CCSE this fall, along with several other shows.

  • Unfortunately, Felix Comic Art won’t be at Special Edition in November — but you can find them at SDCC next July.

  • Everything’s coming up Bob’s! Our friends at toddland will be at Comic-Con Special Edition this November, and teased a little information about their process for the con: You’ll be able to purchase before the con (or shop at the actual con) with shipping happening prior to the convention. No badges are required, and there will be no on-site pick-up.

  • And speaking of animation and Comic-Con Special Edition, educational foundation Diverse Toons will also be heading to the convention for a Saturday panel.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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