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WonderCon Anaheim 2022 Schedule Highlights

The full programming schedule for WonderCon Anaheim 2022 is here, and let’s get the bad news out of the way: Eventeny appears here to stay. It’s kind of garbage.

Now onto the good news: At first glance, at least, the schedule looks good. It’s not San Diego Comic-Con good, no, but considering the question has mostly been “Will we get ANY films/TV?” rather than “How many?”, the fact that several networks are turning up in force is a very great sign. Everyone writing those “conventions are dead!” articles, maybe put the keyboard down.

We’ve combed the schedule for our favorite panels to help you plan your weekend, but with so much awesomeness this year, there’s plenty of other gems to be found on the schedule. With that said, bring on the highlights!


WonderCon isn’t using the Arena for programming this year, but panels kick off at 2pm. On the Films & TV front, actress Annie Wersching from Picard will be on hand to discuss her iconic role as the Borg Queen in the new series of the show, alongside the prosthetic makeup team and the senior creative designer, at 3pm in North 200B. If you’ve been missing Attack of the Show, there’s good news as the team behind the upcoming documentary will be offering “an exclusive preview of scenes” at 5pm in North 200B. You can get a taste of Kevin Smith’s annual SDCC panel with his WonderCon Spotlight, at 7:30pm in North 200A.

For a look behind the scenes at the making of movies, you can also check out “The Music of Anti-Heroes from Suicide Squad to Brainwave“, featuring composers from Jupiter’s LegacyPeacemaker, and The Suicide Squad.

The yearly tradition of a DC animated film making its debut at WonderCon looks a little different this year. Instead, WB Home Entertainment/WB Animation is bringing a showcase of animated shorts, featuring cast and crew from DC Showcase: Constantine: The House of Mystery.

Comics fans will want to check out “Adore and the Distance” with Marc Bernardin at 3pm in Room 209 for a look at the upcoming book from Dark Horse. Bernardin is known to many as co-host of the popular Fatman Beyond podcast with Kevin Smith and as Supervising Producer on Star Trek’s Picard. This panel focuses on his comic side and the shares a story of adventure an autism in his latest YA graphic novel.

One of our favorites, Scott Shaw!, will get a retrospective panel at 4:30pm in Room 300D.

Other highlights include a panel all about the Comic-Con Museum at 2pm in Room 300B; a “The Fun Behind Funko!” panel at 4pm in North 200B that every Funatic worth their weight in canned corn will be dying to get into; “Voice Actors Improve Blast Off!” that sounds a lot like “Cartoon Voices” only it’s hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood instead of Mark Evanier; and a JAKKS Pacific and Disguise Costumes panel at 5pm in Room 213CD (just don’t try to give away like 10 masks this time, please).


Moving onto day two of WonderCon, things kick off at 10am. On Saturday, Disney+ gets in on the action, with a look at The Quest at 11am in North 200A. Then you can stick around in the same room at 12pm to meet the Hardy Boys (with series stars Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot). Later in the day, the CW series Superman & Lois takes center stage at 2pm in North 200A, with cast still TBA. ABC series Big Sky gets a panel at 3pm in North 200A, though details are scarce. Amazon will also be on hand with Prime Video’s Undone at 4pm in North 200A; and over in North 200B at 4:30pm you can get scared with AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and an exclusive clip (this panel will be pre-recorded).

Come celebrate the 30th Anniversary of X-Men: The Animated Series with original showrunners at 2:30pm in North 200B.

Ever wonder how they do the special effects in your favorite films and TV shows? Then don’t miss a team of VXF artists as they show you a clip from classic Dr. Who and teach you how to do it yourself (“The VFX of Doctor Who: You Can Do This!” at 1:30pm in North 200B).

Jack Kirby created most of what people love in the MCU, and a spotlight at 11:30am in Room 213AB puts the focus on some of his less known work.

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld can be found at 11am in Room 207 to celebrate 30 years of Extreme Studios. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman gets his own Spotlight at 1pm in Room 207, and he’s always an entertaining panelist. Longtime talent in the industry, Becky Cloonan, and one of a long line of talents to work on Wonder Woman in the modern era gets a Spotlight at 4pm in Room 211 that you won’t want to miss.

Babs Tarr has had a big impact on how current readers view Batgirl and she’s discussing her journey as an artist at 5pm in Room 211.

Make sure you swing by the X-Men Fandom Panel at 5:30pm in North 200B, where you’ll even get to take home a free exclusive print from artist Luciano Vecchio (just show up early, this one’s popular!). Cheech and Chong will present a look at their first-ever graphic novel at 6:30pm in North 200B.

You can end your night with a screening of Lumpia with a Vengeance, with a free print giveaway by BayaniArt.

Get an update on the Her Universe Fashion Show with Ashley Eckstein at 2pm in Room 207. And if that’s not enough Her Universe for you, you can also get a first look at the upcoming collaboration with Hot Topic and their Studio Ghibli Collection at 3pm in Room 207.

Taking an oath to kill any man, woman, or child in the name of peace is in no way legal — and a team of real life attorneys dissect the legality of that oath in “Law of Peacemaker” at 6pm in Room 207.

Finally, of course, there’s the annual WonderCon Masquerade at 8:30pm in North 200A.


The last day of WonderCon brings with it a very pleasant surprise — The Bob’s Burgers Movie kicks things off at 10am in North 200A, with unnamed cast and creators.

You can get Woke with a look at the Hulu series’ second season, with series stars Larmone Morris, T. Murph, and Blake Anderson at 12pm in North 200A. Get a look inside the CW series Tom Swift at 11am in North 200A with unnamed cast members. Everybody will be kung fu fighting to get into Kung Fu at 1pm in North 200A, though cast is still TBA.

Horror fans will want to make note of Shudder’s Cursed Films, a documentary series exploring the facts and fiction around famous horror films, at 3pm in North 200A.

TV Guide will host a panel of TV showrunners at 2pm in North 200A, but the shows and their showrunners are TBA for the moment.

The Ted Lasso panel is NOT with folks from the show, but rather a “talk with therapists, hosts, writers, artists, and TV critics as they explore what makes this series stand out above others”.

The Spotlight on comic book creator Skottie Young at 11:30am in Room 208 is sure to be a big hit.

Then, you can end the weekend in the annual “Talk Back” panel with higher-ups from CCI. Have you ever seen the town hall meetings in Parks & Rec? It’s a bit like that — but if you’ve got something to say, this is your chance! Maybe someone can suggest that we all miss MySched.


Of course, there are tons more awesome panels at WonderCon we couldn’t list, so be sure to check out the entire programming schedule

Which panels are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments.

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