Hollow’s Bend: The Radio Play Heading to San Diego Comic-Con

Hollow’s Bend: The Radio Play, an upcoming feature-length scripted podcast, will be heading to San Diego Comic-Con next month.

The audio series follows a trapped spirit named Andres in 1985 as he discovers a loophole that allows spirits to possess the teenagers of his town. When he accidentally posses the new girl, Gemma, while she and her friends are playing with an Ouija board, a malevolent spirit named Ramsey takes control. Andres must decide between protecting the residents of Hollow’s Bend, and his desire to be free.

As revealed by ComicBook.com, the series will feature the voices of James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), George Sear (Love, Victor), Paul Johnannsson (One Tree Hill), and Jan Luis Castellanos (13 Reasons Why). No word yet on which cast members will be heading to San Diego Comic-Con, but Marsters and Castellanos in particular have ties with the Comic-Con crowd.

Hollow’s Bend will be released “on all audio platforms” mid-July.

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