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Keanu Reeves Headed to Hall H for BRZRKR Panel

Ahead of the Friday panel schedule release here in roughly an hour, IGN has some exciting news to share with attendees: actor Keanu Reeves will be heading to Hall H.

The actor will be headlining a panel devoted to his comic book series BRZRKRThe Immortal Saga Continues. He’ll be on hand to discuss the upcoming finale of the BOOM! Studios series and the plans for Netflix to develop a live-action film adaptation and anime series.

The series, written by Reeves and Matt Kindt, follows an immortal demigod named B who has spent 80,000 years honing his skills as a killer. In the modern age, he works as an agent of the US government, hoping to finally uncover a way of ending his unnaturally long life.

You can catch the panel on Friday, July 22 from 3pm-4pm in Hall H with Reeves, co-writer/co-creator Matt Kindt, the movie’s screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, Matt Gagnon (Editor-in-Chief, BOOM! Studios), Eric Harburn (Executive Editor, BOOM! Studios), and Stephen Christy (President, Development, BOOM! Studios).

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