SDCC 2022 Programming Schedule: Saturday Highlights

It’s less than two weeks away from Comic-Con, and CCI is releasing the programming schedule for Comic-Con 2019 in its annual fashion. We’ll be bringing you the highlights of each day as they’re announced.

We’ll also be discussing our thoughts on this year’s lineup, including our top picks, room flow, and what time we think you should line-up in a special series of live podcasts this weekend. The first of which covered Thursday’s and Friday’s lineup, and the second segment — in which we break down Saturday and Sunday — will be on Sunday, July 10 at 4pm PT / 7PM ET.

With that said, let’s dive right into Saturday.

For movie fans, Saturday is where it’s at. Marvel Studios is back to anchor Saturday night in Hall H from 5pm-6pm, with Kevin Feige and “special guests”, that will surely rock the house (and have an INSANE line). That’s followed by Kevin Smith at 6:30pm with his annual panel, which this time is mostly about Clerks III. You’ll even be treated to the world premiere trailer for the film.

Kicking the day off though, is WB Pictures, with Black AdamShazam! Fury of the Gods, and more. That’s followed in Hall H by the big players of TV, which include House of the Dragon; the Star Trek Universe panel with Star Trek: PicardStar Trek: Lower Decks, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; and The Sandman. There’s also an Entertainment Weekly: Bold School panel, which will bring together “power players in the entertainment industry” to share anecdotes.

Elsewhere on the schedule, don’t gloss over “The Bold Voice of Contemporary Horror” at 3:30pm in Room 24ABC, which features exclusive footage, giveaways from Blumhouse, and creatives behind films such as MalignantWatcherThe Quiet Room, and more.

A former Studio Ghibli production coordinator gives a behind-the-scenes look at original art from the studio at 6:30pm in Room 29CD; Entertainment Weekly will be presenting a “Game Changers” panel profiling people and projects making an impact on diversity in Hollywood at 11:15am in Room 6A; VFX artists from The Batman give an inside look into the bold new look of Gotham City at 5:30pm in Room 6DE; and you can hear from stuntmen and stuntwomen from your favorite films at 5pm in Omni Grand Ballroom DE. Chris Sanders, director of Lilo and Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon, looks back on his career at 4:30pm in Room 7AB.

Over in Ballroom 20, it’s a hodge-podge of great TV all day long, including EvilThe SimpsonsAmerican Dad, Family Guy, Anne Rice’s Interview with a VampireThe OrvilleMythic Quest, and Critical Role. At 8pm, the day finishes with the annual San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade cosplay contest, but remember that you’ll need to pick up tickets to watch it in Ballroom 20.

There’s plenty of TV in the other rooms as well, including Tuca & BertieResident Alien, The ResortChuckyReginald the Vampire Hunter (with Spider-Man actor Jacob Batalon), and a Cartoon Network panel with Craig of the CreekTeen Titans Go!, and We Baby Bears over in Indigo; Krapopolis in 6BCF; The Ghost and Molly McGeeHamster & Gretel, and Apple TV+ series creatives behind For All MankindMythic QuestFoundation, and more in 6A.

You can celebrate X-Men: The Animated Series and their 30th anniversary with a special panel at 1pm in the Neil Morgan Auditorium at the San Diego Central Library.

Speaking of the library, there are some really exciting podcast panels over there on Saturday, including Nicole Byer (of Nailed It fame) and Jon Gabrus hosting a live episode of their Headgum’s Newcomers podcast at 4pm with a “special guest”. If you love The Adventure Zone or My Brother, My Brother and Me, then you’ll want to check out The McElroys (Justin, Travis, Griffin, and Clint) at 12pm.

Kesha (yes, that one) “and some of her famous friends” will be discussing her new docuseries on Discovery+ at 4pm in Room 6BCF. G4 also makes their “triumphant return” at 12pm in Room 25ABC.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is back and hosting a new science disaster series The End is Nye, at 4:15pm in Room 6A.

There are also so many behind-the-scenes looks happening elsewhere on the schedule, like Obi-Wan costume designer Suttirat Larlarb discussing reimagining the costumes in the new series at 4:30pm in Room 10. You’ll find so many talented TV writers at “Listening to the Fans” at 6pm in Marriott Marquis Grand 10 & 11 — and then find even more TV writers, showrunners, and more in “Inside the Writer’s Room: Zooming Back to the Room” at 10am in Room 24ABC, as hosted by Chris Parnell.

Get even more news on Dragon Prince and the studio behind it at 3pm in Room 25ABC. Join a talk with several Stranger Things actors and more to discuss world building at 3:30pm in Room 29CD.

Anime fans will want to check out the special Naruto 20th anniversary panel at 10:30am in 6BCF.

For fans of comics, it’s another stacked day. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Rocketeer at 10am in Room 29AB; a look inside Image Comics’ Massive-Verse with Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Melissa Flores, Cherish Chen, Mat Groom, and Michael Busuttil at 10am in Room 28DE; Top Cow celebrates their 30th anniversary at 12pm in Room 4; and Jim Lee looks back on WildStorm Productions alongside collaborators at 11:15am in Room 6DE.

Kevin Eastman will discuss all things turtle power in a panel at 5pm in Room 23ABC. There’s a lot of DC talent to found on the “DC Comics Are Fun” panel at 12:30pm in Room 6DE, including Daniel Warren, Johnson and Juan Gedeon, Kami Garcia, Becky Cloonan, and Michael Conrad. Marc Hempel and Mark Wheatley share a spotlight panel at 2pm in Room 23ABC.

How is the comic publishing world surviving the pandemic? Get the scoop in a panel led by Publishers Weekly at 3pm in Marriott Marquis Grand 12 & 13.

Comics and TV writer J. Michael Straczynski gets two panels on Saturday, including “Becoming a Writer” at 6pm in Room 11 and a spotlight panel at 1pm in Room 7AB. Cartoonist Scott Shaw! gets his annual Oddball Comics panel at 3pm in Room 7AB.

Prefer your comics with some pop culture star power? There’s NBA star De’Aaron Fox discussing his new comic book at 5:15pm in 6BCF; 

You can bring your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes to life with cardboard creations at 7:30pm in Room 24ABC, a perfect panel for your kiddos if they (and you) can stay awake that long.

For the toy lovers, you can go behind the bricks with LEGO at 11:30am in Room 6BCF.

Abrams Books, Dark Horse Comics, and Magpie Games are bringing the star power (and voice actress Janet Varney) to Room 24ABC at 12:30pm to explore continuing the Avatar world. Fantasy authors Marissa Meyer and Aiden Thomas discuss their new releases at 1:30pm in Room 10. There’s also a spotlight panel on comic author Lilah Sturges at 2pm in Room 29AB.

Many of our favorite artists (including Jeff Granito, David Maya, Cesar “Outl1n Island” Anzora, Laura “Rarabird” Harper, and more) will be on hand to discuss “Lowbrow, Tiki, and Popular Art: Passion to Profession” at 3:30pm in Room 5AB. We’re also excited about Gundam and Macross illusrator Hidetake Tenjin’s spotlight at 12pm in Room 7AB.

Kick it back to the 1980’s with writers of your favorite animated series at 10am in Room 9, or look back at the animation career of Max Fleischer at 3pm in Room 28DE. Troma president/creator Lloyd Kaufman is on hand to look back at 50 years of filmmaking at 9pm in Room 25ABC. Celebrate the wonder of Ray Bradbury’s work with the docent for the Ray Bradbury Experience Museum at 11:30am in Room 29CD.

Get your lucha libre love on at 5pm in Room 4 with “Can Mexico’s Pop Culture Superheroes Save the World?” with professional Mexican lucha libre wrestlers at 5pm in Room 4. Discuss the finer points of legal analysis in Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness with real legal geeks at 7pm in Room 23ABC. Go under the helmet of The Mandalorian with a real psychologist, bounty hunter, pilot, and blacksmith at 1pm in Marriott Marquis Grand 10 & 11.

Unnecessary Debates is always a necessary panel for fun, happening at 8pm in Room 23ABC. There are lots of other, fun interactive panels throughout the day, including “Live Celebrity Gameshow: Is The Answer That You Wrote On Your Card The Same As The Answer That I Wrote On My Card” at 6:30pm in 5AB with voice actors; 

And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention two of our favorite panels, back again as hosted by Mark Evanier: Quick Draw!, in which Scott Shaw!, Lalo Alcaraz, and Mike Kazaleh will draw what YOU challenge them to at 11:45am in 6BCF; and Cartoon Voices at 1pm in Room 6BCF in what is always a great time.

You can also read the programming highlights for Thursday and Friday.

What will you be lining up for on Saturday of Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments.

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