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New Fleischer Studios Restorations to Debut at at WonderCon Anaheim 2023 Panel

Animator, inventor, and film director Max Fleischer and his studio, Fleischer Studios, are behind some of the most classic and beloved animated adapations of all time. Together, they brought comic characters such as Betty Boop, Popeye, Koko the Clown, Superman, and more to the movie screen.

At WonderCon this year, animation historian Ray Pointer will be hosting a panel dedicated to Fleischer and his works, set for Saturday, March 25 at 10am PT in Room 300E.

Fleischer’s granddaughter, Jane Reid, will also be on hand during the panel, as well as The Cuphead Show! showrunner Dave Wasson. The popular video game Cuphead was heavily influenced by Fleischer’s animation style, as is The Cuphead Show! animated series on Netflix based on the game.

During the panel, attendees will be treated to two brand new Fleischer Studios restorations — the first time the full cartoon restorations of these two cartoons will be seen at a panel.

Swing You Sinners! is a 1930s animated short which follows the character of Bimbo as he tries to steal a chicken, and winds up in a haunted cemetery where he must pay for his crime. The other cartoon, The Cobweb Hotel, is a 1936 short about a devious spider who holds flies captive in his “hotel”.

Both have been digitally restored from the original camera negatives.

Stop by Room 300E on Saturday, March 25 at 10am PT to learn more during “Fleischer Cartoons: Restoring the Cartoons of Max Fleischer“.

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