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Patrick Ballesteros WonderCon Anaheim 2023 Exclusives, Debuts, Commissions & More [UPDATE March 23]

Artist Patrick Ballesteros is one of the busiest folks in Artists Alley — and we mean that both in terms of people lined up at his booth, and in his outpouring of adorable artwork. You’ve likely seen his series on our site, from his 25 Cent Wonders, Can You Hear Me Now’s, mini originals, and more.

This year, Ballesteros will be back at WonderCon Anaheim 2023 at Booth #A-07.

[UPDATE March 23]

With only one day to WonderCon 2023, Ballesteros has a few final tricks up his sleeve. First, his first ever sketchbook will be debuting at the convention. This 144-page 5.25″x8.25″ sketchbook, titled “Let’s Sketch“, Vol 1., is printed on thick 70lb premium paper, with a durable, Smyth-sewn library-quality binding.

Because this is a small, limited test run, only nine will be available at WonderCon. But if you grab one for $25, Ballesteros will even put a sketch in to help get you started.

And of course, there’s the framed mini originals. Ballesteros has one again created 15-20 small, original pieces of artwork that will be available on Sunday, March 26 for $65 each. You can keep an eye on his social media on Saturday for the preview, so you plan out your favorite (and a back-up or three).

As per usual, there’s a limit of one per customer, with no lining up before doors.

[UPDATE March 21]

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession — and it keeps getting more complicated. Ballesteros’ latest 6″x8′ print is “Man Down“, a limited edition of 100 that you might need to fight your way out of the Mines of Mandalore to score. This new addition to Ballesteros’ 25 Cent Wonders series (which features scenes from pop culture re-created as the sort of kiddie rides you’d find outside stores as a child) features tons of fun details, like the cave trolls, and we love the coloring on Bo Katan’s armor.

Each print comes signed and numbered and is available for $16, and is limited to two pieces.

[UPDATE March 18]

If you are like us and have been missing your new favorite Sunday night series, then Ballesteros has plenty of new art making its debut at WonderCon to hide you over.

Up first is “It’s Time“, a 5″x5” print that will be available for $12, and features our two favorite zombie-hunter screw-ups who both just really need a hug. This was one of our favorite moments in the series, and we love how Ballesteros has captured it here.

Then, we go back a few episodes to another heartbreaking scene, with Sam and Ellie alone in the hotel room. This piece, “The Promise“, is also a 5″x5” print that will be available for $12.

And finally, in what might just be our favorite piece Ballesteros has ever done, is “Endure Survive“. This piece packs so many characters, moments, and more into its 12″x18” print size, all contained within the beautifully drawn outline of a Clicker. Each print is printed on thick toned paper and will come signed and with an official seat.

You can grab it Ballesteros’ Booth #A-07 for $40.

[UPDATE March 17]

One of Ballesteros’ biggest surprises last year was his tribute to the music of John Williams. That piece was a showcase for the way Williams’ film scores were intertwined in our memories of some of our favorite classic film moments, spanning Williams’ career.

This year, he’s bringing that series back, and paying tribute to another legendary music composer: Danny Elfman.

While Elfman has scored and contributed to countless timeless classic films, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Edward Scissorhands, and more — this piece pays honor to three of Elfman’s most memorable scores. “Danny’s Concerto” features scenes from Batman, the Netflix series Wednesday, and Beetlejuice.

The 11″x14″ print will be debuting at WonderCon, and available at Ballesteros’ Booth #A-07 in Artist Alley, where you can pick it up for $30.

[UPDATE March 14]

Ballesteros’ “Popcycle Pack”, a series where a group of original characters sample the best pop culture popsicles this side of the galaxy. Up next, they’re jumping into hyperspace and heading straight for “L&L POPS and BBQ”, where the old junk The Empire left lying around has been repurposed into a sweet spot.

You can up the 8″x8″ print for $20 first at WonderCon, where it will be making its debut.

Ballesteros’ next WonderCon debut is “Bayani”, an ode to The Jeepney, a popular mode of transportation in the Philippines that symbolizes innovation and creativity. This one is packed with plenty of heroes, villains, and more, as a tribute to Ballesteros’ own Philippine heritage and love for Pop culture.

Pick up the 5″x10″ fine art paper print for $18 at WonderCon.

[UPDATE March 8]

WonderCon is just over two weeks away, so Ballesteros has twice as many WonderCon debuts to show you today — and a double dose of the internet’s favorite Daddy, Pedro Pascal.

Up first, that sound you hear is not a Clicker — it’s our not-so-quiet sobbing over a certain line in a TV show this week. Luckily, Ballesteros has captured this heartfelt moment in a new 5″x5″ print, titled “I Got You Baby Girl”. And indeed, he does.

You don’t have to battle FEDRA (or cannibals) to get your hands on it, but you do have to stop by Booth #A-07 to pick it up for $12 at WonderCon.

Then, journey into depths, but be careful, or else you might end up as “Bait”. This 4″x16″ on fine art paper print will be available for $25 at Booth #A-07.

[UPDATE February 28]

A few weeks back, we showed you a sneak peak of Ballesteros’ latest series, “The Popcycle Pack” travel buddies. Now, it’s time to be introduced to this new cast of characters, who will be your travel (and snack) companions leading up to both WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con this year.

This new series of prints will help pass the time between conventions, as this cast of characters have two goals — making it to the next con, and sampling the best PopCycle Stands (that is, pop-culture-ified popsicle stands) along the way.

Here’s the crew, which includes H&H, Jed, Ned, Ryder, and Di.

Each month between now and July, Ballesteros will be unveiling a new print in the series — meaning there will be two for WonderCon (February and March’s reveals), and three for San Diego Comic-Con.

Up first is “Icy Pops”, a local favorite in the colder parts of town, with some “Giant” flavors to sample.

This 8″x8″ print on fine art paper will be available for $20, with the first 25 available at WonderCon and online coming with a little surprise.


[UPDATE February 24]

All hail the conquering hero… of Artists Alley, that is.

We have an import—ant update from Ballesteros, with a look at his latest WonderCon debut. His newest 25 Cent Wonders 8″x10″ print pays tribute to some pint-sized heroes and their multi-dimensional adversary.

You can pick it up for just $25 at WonderCon Booth #A-07, and each print comes signed and numbered. It’s a limited edition of 100 though, so hurry, before it disappears into the multiverse.

[UPDATE February 17]

Who’s feeling hungry? You will be once you catch a whiff of the next print that Patrick Ballesteros is cooking up. We’ve got a look at the first of his WonderCon debuts for this year, “A Night at the Markets”.

This 14″x5″ print celebrates the sights, sounds, and smells of the night market — with some of your favorite pop culture characters dishing up some tasty treats. Are you in the mood for some Ramen (Blade) Runners? Or would you prefer your Spirits & Sprits from some familiar Ghibli favorites?

You’ll be able to pick it up first at WonderCon for $25, at Artists Alley #A-07.


Your chance to claim one of his commission spots is coming up soon. On Friday, February 3 at 10am PT, he’ll be opening 10-15 spots for an 8.5″x11″ toned paper pen and ink and marker only commission. These are for existing pop culture/fiction characters only, so no original characters.

If you’re interested, starting at 10am PT on Friday, e-mail with your request, and Ballesteros will respond with prices and payment details. Pricing will depend on complexity, number of characters, etc., and commissions can be picked-up in person at WonderCon.

Ballesteros also showed off the first look at a brand new series, which you’ll be seeing a lot more of this con season. Stay tuned for more information on these The Popcycle Pack “travel buddies”.

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