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TeeTurtle WonderCon Anaheim 2023 Convention Exclusives

Popular t-shirt slinger TeeTurtle is heading to WonderCon this year with not one, but two booths. You can catch them at Booth #709 for their adorable brand of exclusive convention tees and other wares, and then at TeeTurtle Fandoms at Booth #2022 you’ll find their pop culture offerings as well.

Over at Booth #709, you will find:

Hold On Tee

Velociraptor Tee

Coffee Makes Me Less Murdery Tee

BIG Reversible Panda Plushie

Tic Tac K.O. Cute vs. Evil

Over at Booth #2022, you will find:

Dishonor Tee

No, We’re Not There Yet Tee

Proud to be Weird Tee

Scarlet Witch Tee

Imperial March Tee

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